Monday, A New Week Begins!

I think Mondays were invented to punish us for all the fun we have on the weekends!

The newest sign was posted in the shop this morning…

No touching!

I friggin give up! Phone companies are horrible! I had two tasks to do. First I wanted to disconnect my AT&T Long Distance service from the landline at home as I was paying $50/month and making three calls for a total of $2.46 (last month). I had to place seven calls, wait over 50 minutes and on the 8th call got someone who could cancel the “service”. After that experience I decoded task #2 must wait until after lunch!

It’s a sad day as “The Brits” are heading home tomorrow. We had lunch with them at noon at Old Ship in Santa Ana and three hours later we were stuffed and sore from laughing! They are just simply nice people who we enjoy being with and doing things!

If it weren’t for that damned obama and his lies, they would be here today. “You can keep your insurance”…yeah, right!

Lunch be served

We tried a meat pie cooked with whiskey and it was amazing! My new favorite. The sauce/gravey was absolutely to die for! The entree was called a Paul Jones’ Scottish Bridie which was defined as… Choice Certified Angus Beef With Onions And Special Scottish Spices In A Rich Scotch Whisky Sauce Wrapped In Pastry And Baked In A “Bagpiping Hot” Oven. Served With Fresh Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables And Spicy “Bridie” Gravy.

Inside that pastry (bridie) was magic!! The gravy was also terrific!

Did You Know? The bridie, also known as the Forfar bridie, is a popular meat pastry sold in Scotland since the mid-19th century. … Unlike pasties, bridies do not contain potatoes – they are filled with minced steak, beef suet, and sometimes onions.

We also opted for dessert and that was pretty good. We decided to have coffee and we got a special treat!

Check the bottom right window…. Our bartender is making us “French Coffee”… Her speciality!

After returning home, I did telephone task #2 and that was to get Aunt Kay’s phone reconnected. Another 45 minutes talking to idiots. I give up! One more call and I asked for a supervisor who finally helped my get the issue understood. Somehow the bill was not paid so the phone was disconnected…now how do I get the bills transferred here? I see more hours on the telephone tomorrow!

We went to Melanies’ at 6:00 PM meeting up with Irene. We solved thw world’s problems and departed at 8:40 PM after watching an amazing sunset.

Lowering itself into the sea one more time!

We headed home after sunset and then watched ER & Grey’s Anatomy before doing tookies at 10:00 PM. In bed by 11:45 PM for tomorrow is another day! You know another six months and I will not need med schoold, I could operate based upon what I have been watching!!

How very true!!!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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