Sunday Has Arrived, A Good Thing

It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it!

May the day bring you good things in life!

Ah Sweet Sunday! We glanced at the calendar and nothing scheduled! After our morning “meet and greet” where Sue does her champagne and I do yogurt and/or coffee, I headed to the garage. I am still arranging the shop to get a most used first! That’s a good thing! Seems like the more I reorganize, the easier it is to find things!

While in the garage, I ordered a new tarp to cover the spa cover. Yes, the spa cover is expensive, about $400 but putting a tarp over the spa cover makes it last many years! While I was thinking about the spa/hot tub, I decided to fill it up and turn on the heater. It was been off for two years as I was worried about Sue…but now we will probably try it again!

While in the garage, I began to think about Sue’s 50th HS reunion coming up soon! We are kinda excited about it as we are bringing the music (Justuss) and it is local, the Navy Golf Course right around the corner, so to speak. I drug out part of my Mom’s favorite mouse trap! She put this picture on the ground in front of the mouse trap, the mouse would come around the corner and either a) drop dead from fright or b) stare into the photos and run into the trap committing hairy-canary instantly.

High School 1962 (Yeah, I did have hair)

We decided to make breakfast at home. In my head I wanted protein so I made my own breakfast while Sue watched on in amazement. As a side note, at the tender age of 75, I know I need more protein that the younger folks. Protein tissue accounts for 30% of whole-body protein turnover but that rate declines to 20% or less by age 70. The result of this phenomenon is that older adults require more protein/kilogram body weight than do younger adults. So I am seeing a need for 70 grams a day. Below just about fulfills the need!

Three eggs (20g), think slice of ham steak (20g), veggies sausage covered in soyriso and mushrooms (30g) and bacon (12g) for an amazing 82 grams of protein!

In the cupboard I keep protein bars which are between 20g and 30g of protein so I am always ready should be have a low protein meal.

After breakfast/lunch, I popped up to our neighbors house and left her a note that our plums were going WILD! In an hour or so, she popped by and bagged a bunch of fruit. Win-Win situation… She gets fresh fruit and three days later I get plenty of plum jam! We love our arrangement with Ila and Bob!

I took my Spanish lesson quickly and learned the new word of the day:

We stayed around the house and watched TV until aout 11:30 PM having our tookies about 10:00 PM.

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