Paul-Heavy, Inbound, Heading One Niner Zero, Approaching Weekend, 10,000 Feet

‘When one engine fails on a twin-engine airplane, you always have enough power left to get you to the scene of the crash.’

We started the day with a bat phone session with Lisa, Pete was already at work. We generally bat-phone each other every morning about 8:00 AM just before she heads for work. We keep telling her, a day without a Lisa call is a day without sunshine!

Speaking about daughters, we really really miss Colleen, our youngest The last visit was amazing but way too short. We jabbered for six days and still had a lot to say and a lot of laugh about.

Calhan and Grandma Colleen… Forces to be reckoned with!

Thursday is a reminder that the weekend is coming and as my head swiveled toward Alexa as I asked her about the weekend, she spoke up notified us we have a formal dance Friday night. Time to transform myself from the ugly duckling into a handsome penguin.

Time to drag out one of the tuxedos, a good idea anyway as we are doing the Avalon Ball next week and it probably needs cleaning and a press! Note to self: do not eat for next two days so it will fit!

The day was cold but the night was warm… wink wink!

We had lunch with Robin, our oldest daughter, at the Yucatan Grille, always a pleasant exchange. She shared our grandson’s latest adventures in college land. Nick may be staying with us for a while in about a year as he is thinking about Cal State Long Beach…almost walking distance from here. Sue, her father, sister, and niece all went to Long Beach State…tradition!

Robin is setting up a Taco Tuesday for a bunch of us who used to work together so we discussed who, what, where, and when! Sounds like it is going to be fun! Robin is a sweetheart!!

A few years back I finally got to push her around! (Post knew surgery)

In response to my need to be low-cal to fit the penguin suit, I did the Shrimp Diablo which is jumbo shrimp simmered in a hot and spicy habanero sauce. Crosses my eyes and I loose two pounds in perspiration! We skipped dessert until we got home.

I set up three additional security cameras as I had some blind spots…everything is now covered, on battery backup, available on-line, and connected to the neighbors (we have law enforcement folks surrounding us!). We all watch out after one another. Collectively, we have the fire power of a small tank!

The eyes are upon you!

The garden was visited again just to check out the moisture levels! It is surprising how much water those thirsty corn plants need.

The “Little House” taken in the late 1930’s

Old Pictures:  My Dad’s family, left to right, cousin Kat , Aunt Edith, Uncle Claude, Aunt Opal, my Mother (Georgia), my father (Paul) and Uncle Jimmy.  They are all gone with the youngest (far left) passing at 93 years of age ten years ago)

The picture is in front of the Paramount House (which still stands although in need of repair, It was two bedrooms and a little bigger than a two car garage of today.  You cannot imagine what delicious food, great times, and love came from that little place.  The photographer is standing in their future Victory Garden…the front yard (which now houses a three bedroom 1600 square foot home, was turned into a Victory Garden during the war…you know, World War Eleven. 

In the last years of her life, Sue and I took care of Cousin Kat.  She was in Garden Grive and we visited her at the assisted care facility all the time taking her to lunch, dinner, Disneyland and on other outings.  We were hoping she would get to see other located locally but alas, that was not to be.  We were disappointed.

We both took short naps after filling our bellies with excellent food and got up just in time to head to the Phoenix Club where we sat with our friends and carried on with many dancing intervals in between!

A quick snapshot as we have to go to the floor for a tango!!!

The band was terrific and they all stopped by our table at the breaks to visit. We have the left-most forward table every Thursday. This group is “The Little Big Band” and they play almost every night in the Long Beach to Anaheim area.

We are out there somewhere…

Heading for home, we saw the Disneyland fireworks again. Great sendoff! Explosions in the sky.

Did You Know? The fireworks launch from Mickey’s Toontown each night, which is a big reason why the land closes early.

As we sauntered up the walkway, with the security lights activating as we approached the door, a box was awaiting us. What did I order and forget about crossed my mind! We took the little guy inside, away form the freezing 65 degree temperature and opened him up.

Our daughter-in-law Lisa had been busy…she send Sue a beautiful Calla Lillly in a wonderful pink origami vase. This little guy will sit in the kitchen and greet people as they enter our home. We even had an artificial light for plants that we have save for such an occasion! THANK YOU LISA! Lisa is our fourth daughter…a very special person!

Such a nice thought

We are so lucky all of our kids get along so very well, call each other all the time and do things together! We told some folks at the Phoenix Club that we know we are getting old, our kids now take us to Disneyland!

Chartier birthday celebration in Temecula with the Duda’s

We watched a little TV before crashing at midnight. Yes, we did our tookies! We did two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and I recalled about 80% of the contents but it still amazes my what I originally missed (or forgot?)

See you oin the other side of Midnight!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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