The Last Day Of The Week, Yeah!

Wrinkled Was Not One of the Things I Wanted to Be When I Grew up.

Facing a new day is always fun…what will it bring? This morning it is a walk. 90 minutes of excellent exercise walking the hood, facing unbelievable dangers that lurk around each corner!

I must digress as i need to explain that I asked my doctor if there was any changes to my walking that would keep me healthier. I wore my new walking suit to the appointment so I could get his opinion.

Needless to say, I did NOT continue to wear the bunny suit as I would have looked like an albino mastodon and worse yet I could be a “happy meal” for one of the dangerous aminals I face during the walk Also, the costume could frighten the women and small children .

To the walk…as I depart the front door the iPhone pops into my hand and the walking app is activated along with iHeart radio and Uncle Rush gets invited into my earpods! Ready to go!!

As I walked out the front door I made a note to self “MAKE LEMONADE TODAY”

We thought that tree was dead as it was almost frowned by the water main leak of last year…it stopped producing for twelve months and it was on the endangered list. However, the soil must have dried out as it is back to ts over prolific self making lemons for the entire neighborhood!

A toss of the coin and the decision was made…going north today and not to the shopping center. This makes the walk 90 or so minutes which is better to monitos the new meds Sue is taking.

The flowers were terrific this morning. Click on them to see the full sized image! The bees were humming and busy not even noticing they were being watched.

Did You Know? Bees fly 55,000 miles to bring us 1 pound of honey. During her life (approximately 40 days) a honey bee will gather about 1/12 teaspoon of honey. Bees must go to two million flowers to gather l pound of honey. Bees can see the same colors we see except red. They can also see ultraviolet.

The walk was perfect! The ol’ legs were just about to give me fits by the time I got home but they lasted one more time. I crossed Los Alamitos Blvd thinking about dropping by Von’s but the walking app said no if you want to make it a 90 minute walk!

On the way home there were other delights to be admired… Mother Nature is just simply amazing. But how did she make the decision to have these plants look like they do after a million years? What will they look like in another million years! Perhaps I will stay around and see!

Oh dear! While minding my own business, I was accosted by a wild aminal (yes, AMINAL)…it was ferocious…fierce growl almost blood curdling…huge teeth…a tail that would rip someone to shreds if you got too close…I stood my ground…shaking I might add…he finally decided I would not taste good and left…I can breath again…close call!

Definitely a man eater! I escaped with my life!

Continuing the walk, I did see some disturbing images. These plants where trying to break out of jail as their heads were sticking out through the bars!

I ratted them out to their owners… I was given a rather strange look by the people for some reason!

On to home where after the three mile journey I rested for a few minutes then off again…no rest for the weary! Destination, Wine And More… must stock up should there be an earthquake OR the fearless aminal show up again!

The St. Regis brand begins as wine and then some of the production is processed to remove the alcohol (down to 0.5%). It really tastes pretty good! We have two each Syrah, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and one champagne brut.

Libation for the masses… 0.5% that is!

Home again but I did sneak in a stop at Lowe’s for a new tomato plant, two Anaheim Chiles and a Zuchinni! Oh, I got two short hoses needed to connect to the black berry drip system!

The Evil One is plotting revenge…. I plan to give him a non-alcoholic drink
as a peace offering!

We are going dancing this evening so, it was time for a nap! I crashed in the middle bedroom listening to Alexa play soft guitar music…out like a light!

Into the Silver Rocket and off we go tearing down the freeway at “breakneck speeds” hitting almost 64 miles per hour on the straight-away! The sounds of the mighty machine slicing through the air made people on either side of the freeway shiver with fear. Pulling off at the Euclid exit, the brakes heat up to a magnificent shade of red…burning with the heat generated from the braking process.

Careening around the corner on three wheels, one in front, one in back, and the steering wheel, we made it into the parking lot at the Elks gently gliding into the parking spot adjacent to the front door…with time to spare! We have arrived! Thirteen minutes flat…GPS said sixteen minutes…Haw!

An evening with friends awaits us on the inside, many of them we have known for 30 years! Makes for a delightful evening full of teasing, story telling, and more teasing! We missed Irene, Iris & Wil, and Mike & Bridgette…perhaps tomorrow night! We had 18 of us tonight and I think we spent more time visiting than dancing!

So very very true!

Dave Ambrose was on duty tonight singing with a country bent. We danced to the waltz, rumba, cha-cha, country two-step, bolero, and the ccowboy cha-cha! Great fun!

The evolution of dancing!

The evolution of dancing!

Posted by For The Love Of Bass, Guitar and Music on Friday, April 5, 2019
We stopped in the 1950’s
A short break between dances and trips to the bar

We returned home about 10:00 PM and watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gilmore Girls before crashing at 11:30 PM…yes, we had our tookies! Tomorrow we plan to spend some time in the garden and then off to Garden Grove in the evening to continue to refine our dance moves and perhaps invent a new step…I can see it now!

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