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Friday And We Returned Home!

We were up at the crack of dawn, 5:45 am when Gunnar, the four-year-old human rooster,  decided to have a solo morning concert. Gunnar, the morning’s reality TV star, sounded like a rooster, and I intercepted him on his way to appease the feathery tyrant. I stopped him just in time and sent him off to transform from pajama prince to work warrior.

We had breakfast, and when the babysitter arrived, we shot out the door like human cannonballs!

The drive home was as smooth as buttered snot, and we made a pit stop at Starbucks for a quick snack. That snack was our lifeline for the next two hours as we navigated through the traffic on the freeway.

We were home at 11:01 am and quickly unloaded the car, loaded the washing machine, and walked the yard, looking for things we needed to go to Home Depot.   I bought additional 1/2″ by 1/2 ” fencing as the rabbits had been busted; they will not get through this fence!

Our contractor has torn up the gas line. We are moving it underground and will remove the yellow cable protectors as soon as he is finished.

Bob’s son is doing this work for me.

We set up the motion-sensitive sound/light boxes in the two places where the rabbits tend to attack.  Let’s hope it works!

Drive the bunnies crazy, please!

I spent two hours making the new cages; no rabbit would get through these holes.

The new cages ought to work well.

We admired our grapes, and they are doing amazingly well for being just two years old! We will have table grapes for a month!

Did You Now? California grows 97% of the nations table grapes. Grapes are available in several varieties of green, red and blue including: Fantasy, Flame, Red Globe, Ribier and Thompson.

Red grapes also contain flavonoids, which help protect our heart, arteries and blood vessels.

Grapes will be for eating in about 45 days.

I can see berries shortly.  We have raspberries, blackberries, and boysenberries all mixed together.  Strawberries are beginning to produce at the base of the berries.

The berries are going wild!

As Mary worked inside, I worked outside in the 88-degree heat of the afternoon.  I am working on getting a slight tan so I do not look like two toothpicks stuck in a marshmallow on our upcoming Caribbean trip with Colleen and Mark.

I was wearing my camouflage gardening outfit.

Vicky called in the afternoon and we decided to do dinner at Renada’s Italian Bistro in Orange at the circle.  The Z’s joined us and we had a great time reviewing the Z’s trip to Pittsburgh and our trip to Ireland.

When we got home, we were done.. beddy-bye time!

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