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Thursday Has Arrived And We Are Still Standing

We have each other!

I just had a hilarious morning. At 5:30 am, the security camera went off, alerting us that the creatures were up to no good. I leaped out of bed, dressed in record time, and dashed to the kitchen while my partner Mary scrambled to shower and put on her “war paint.” It was like a scene from a quirky comedy!

Mary got a mud pack two days ago and looked great for two days. Then the mud fell off.

I decided that old age is when the broadness of the mind and the narrowness of the waist change places. Mine changed places around 11:30 p.m. last night.

Breakfast and a board game keep everyone busy!

Breakfast time

The little rascals sneakily tip-toed to the yard to set the chickens and dogs free and make sure those lazy cats are up to their usual antics. All’s calm and chaotic in the mini zoo!

A quick visit to the animals.

All is well!

At lunchtime, Dr. Mary decided to become a culinary wizard and worked her magic on the stove. She whipped up some green beans and beef that were so delicious they made us question if we had a secret chef in our midst. After devouring the meal, we waddled out to the garden for a post-feast constitutional. The kids, bless their innocent hearts, mistook a plant for a watermelon. After a proper investigation, I had to tell them that what they thought was the fruit of summer was just a humble tomato. Oh, the disappointment!

The kids were not convinced, so they have to call us when the watermelon was picked.

Dr. Mary whips up lunch.

Saved!  The sitter just graduated high school and is headed to Oregon State University to become an architect.

Our hero has arrived.

We blasted off at 1:00 PM and hyper-drove to the Reagan Library, just a nine-minute journey away, to glimpse the Star Wars display.

Mr. and Mrs. Reagan met us at the front entryway.  Since we are library members, we walked right inside.

Mary with the Reagans.

Look out, the Stormtrooper was waiting for us, but he seemed friendly and let us pass.

We come as friends.

R2D2 buzzed, hummed, and lit up as we passed. He tried to tell us something, but we did not speak R2D2.

Beep, Beep yourself.

The display was about Star Wars, the movie, and how George Lucas created it. Later, the name Star Wars was given to the SDI, Strategic Defense Initiative, much to the chagrin of President Reagan.

Below are models of weapons used in the movies.

Starwars weapons.

The Landspeeder was on display.

Let’s take a ride.

There were many displays along with the story of Reagan’s SDI.

We did battle with lightsabers!

I attempted to escape in a tie-fighter to avoid Mary’s wrath, but apparently, it was only on a 1/3rd scale. Even in a galaxy far, far away, there are still size limitations!

My new friend.

We managed to escape the gift shop, but not before Mary picked up a hat for July 4th—she’s really taking this holiday seriously—and, of course, some Jelly Belly’s. We can’t leave without those essential supplies!

Mary needs a new hat for July 4th.

We paid our respects to the Reagans before leaving the museum. They were remarkable individuals, and their legacy is remembered with great esteem.

Good Bless You!

It was 4:00 pm and time to go to dinner with Mary’s family at Slate Bistro. Diane and Michael decided to brave the family gathering for a couple of hours of sharing the latest gossip and finding out about college life… and hopefully avoid answering the dreaded question, “So, what are your plans for the future?”

The bistro was quite busy so we sat outside for dinner.

We got there waaay too early and ended up loitering at the “bar” like a bunch of eager beavers, waiting for Diane to show up and rescue us from the alcohol.

Time for a drink!

Our time had arrived, so we went to the table, and Diane showed up a few seconds later.

The Slate Bistro was excellent; it was quiet outside.

It was great seeing them, and we had a lengthy conversation about college life and Diane’s new job.

Mary with family

They had a tomahawk steak on the menu, so I dared Steven to take on the challenge. And guess what? He bravely accepted!  More importantly, he ate the whole thing, and we had to stop him so the dog would have some meat on the bone.

A tomahawk steak is a thick, bone-in ribeye steak that’s been trimmed to resemble a tomahawk axe. The bone is usually 8–14 inches long and is “French trimmed” to remove meat and fat, leaving a “handle.” Tomahawk steaks are cut from the beef rib, specifically ribs 6–12, and can weigh 2–3 pounds and be up to 2 inches thick. They’re known for being tender, flavorful, and well-marbled, and can be rich and buttery.

The Tomahawk steak has arrived.

It arrived, the… mighty, majestic, and mesmerizing… steak!  It became a show-stopper as people passed and thought it was an entire cow!

Everyone had to see it.

Let the gnawing begin! Steven did a fantastic job devouring that cow carcass wing, leaving only the bone behind for the doggies to get tonight. Michael and the dog must duke it out to see who the ultimate bone champion is!

Great fun!

We sat next to two ladies (30s or 40s) who were just having a drink.  May and I did our “Pay It Forward” thing and bought their drinks.  We were shocked when as they were departing they left us a note.

We raced home at 7:45 pm to get the babysitter to her graduation party early. Safety first, but not when there’s a party involved!

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