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Day 6 – Happy Thanksgiving At Sea!

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Our day started on a high note as we set sail towards Ensenada, Mexico.  After refreshing coffee, we enjoyed a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

The elevators had rugs with the day’s name, which is very much appreciated after several days at sea.

Don’t pull the rug out from under us!

Mary brought our stuffed Thanksgiving animals with her, and they accompanied us throughout the day.

Breakfast with the bears!

The morning began with a delicious breakfast, followed by a relaxing soak in the hot tub.  To enhance the experience, we sipped on mimosas, which have become a regular morning routine.

Champagne flowed!

Aw!  It’s so exciting!  We brought ourselves some adorable stuffies!  We had lunch at the grill and headed to our afternoon entertainment events.

Buleah and Buster had a wonderful time.

Someone had dessert for brunch!

Wild berry dessert!

After the hot tub, Mary, Nick, and Robin went to art class, where they did watercolors.  I stayed in the room working on the daily diary.  When I wandered to the art room, paint flew in every direction.  Brushes struck the paper at odd angles, and the teacher ran for her life.

It was a repeat of Mary’s best 3rd grade masterpiece.

Note to self: Do NOT hire these folks to paint your house, inside or outside!

We plan to hang these on the wall when we get home, the wall in the garage!

After a short rest, Mary and I went ballroom dancing at BB Kings on the second level.  We had four dances, but the DJ did not know ballroom!

We did NOT have the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving; we opted for Italian, but we finished the meal with pumpkin pie courtesy of the manager.

She is deep in constipation, oops… contemplation!

Mary had a salad for dinner and felt full for the rest of the evening.

We were tired and went to our cabin to finish a movie called “A Walk In The Woods.”

On my way back, I ran into my buddy, C-3PO.  We had a chat before I left in a vacuum.

The towels were hidden from me this evening; rumors about the towel storm last week had been circulating!

As we entered our room, we were welcomed by an elephant.

It was an albino elephant, very, very rare.

Mary fell asleep after only 5.67 seconds into the movie, snoring loudly and shaking the paintings on the walls due to her fatigue.

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