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Day 3 – Sailing The Bounding Main!

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We awoke to the sounds of the sea with water splashing all around us; we forgot to turn off the shower last night!  The sun was bright and came right in the window saying “Get up sleepy head!”

Sunrise, and we were up and moving.

We wandered around the ship for a while and then heeded the call for exercise.  We surveyed the decks from above before going walking. Deck #3 was the obvious choice, as we could walk around the entire ship without going inside!

Traditionally, a promenade deck on a cruise ship is an outdoor walkway that circles the ship, usually on a center deck. It serves as the lifeboat boarding area in an emergency.

Why can athletes lift more than prisoners?  Because the pros outweigh the cons.

The sea was calm!

Maggie, Mary, Robin, and I walked around deck #3 for one mile, three laps.  Nick joined us for the last half-mile.  The number of lines around the lifeboats was astounding.

We walked for a little over a mile.

After the walk, we went to the main restaurant at noon and had a two-hour lunch.  We visited and told and retold stories for hours.  The meal was terrific, and many lobsters died to make us happy.

“I’m watching you!”

Robin had the giggles!

Lunch is served.

We had great seats overlooking the ocean.  A couple of freighters passed by as we were eating.

Stories from last night came out.  I was told that on my way to the cabin last night, I was on my hands and knees and conversed with a vacuum cleaner who I apparently thought was “R2D2”.  Oh dear!

We dined for 90 minutes!

I had two 7 oz lobsters, and they were cooked perfectly. I shared my potato with Dr. Mary.

I love that lobster.

Did You Know?  Shells left over after lobster processing are usually tossed into landfills.  So, to make them worth something and keep the money in the lobster industry, a University of Maine professor created golf balls with a core made out of lobster shells. They’re also biodegradable, designed for golfing on cruise ships or courses near oceans and lakes.

The problem is they only go about 70 percent of the distance from a regular golf ball so that you won’t see them at the U.S. Open anytime soon.

Mary did the salmon.

We relaxed and shared stories.  Irna and Mary speak to each other in Spanish!  Good practice for Mary.

Robin and Irma

OK, it’s time for the hot tub, so we went to our room to change.

“Come in and see me, big boy.”

I wanted to lay out by the pool, but the crew said, “NO WAY!!”

Maybe I should have worn by swimsuit?

OK, no pool for Paul.  We went to the spa and spent an hour in the hot water.  Mary, Robin, and I got our joints massaged with the high-pressure water.  Now, we needed alcohol.

The sun was setting so everything had that late afternoon tinge!

They had wine, I had a banana-split milkshake.

Great fun!!  Joined at the hip!  All we needed was Colleen to complete this image!

Laughs and giggles.

Everyone else went to the pool area and saved us seats for the movie.  Mary and I went dancing in the BBKing Lounge.  The music was perfect.  We waltzed, chacha’ed, two-stepped, and more.

We went dancing at the BB KinCenterer.

We had front-row seats to see that latest Harrison Ford movie.  We used the table nearby to have pastrami sandwiches, which were perfectly done.

Movie time, we had pastrami sandwiches and popcorn.

After the movie, we went to the fourteenth floor and enjoyed a glass of wine before bed.  It was difficult as the ship only has twelve floors.

To the Explorer Bar for a nightcap.

We jumped at the site of a wild animal awaiting us.

There was an animal in our bed, and it was not me!

Mary needed some help.  I did not know she owned a burka!

Mary needed some assistance.

We crashed as tomorrow we will be up [ early for breakfast and then to the art class.

See you tomorrow.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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