Gone But NOT Forgotten!

Fact:  Hitchcock brought the throne to the big screen.  The first movie to show a toilet being flushed was Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror picture, Psycho.

The grandkids were up early packing and sitting with us,  talking.   Scout told them about his last vacation.

Scout said goodbye by sharing one of his stories!

At 7:45 AM, the doorbell rang, and the limo had arrived.  We hated to see them go, but alas, all good things must end.  We had five full days of visiting and dining and enjoying each other!  We hope they want to do it again, soon!!


In a couple of hours, they will be in Nevada!

My Google Photos system made a collage of Mary and Robin.

Mary & Robin; a pair to draw too!

We went to the gym right after the kids departed.  We skipped Tuesday, so we worked a little harder than normal today; we also felt it later in the afternoon.

There she goes hitting 75 MPH with lights flashing!

After the gym, we returned home to feed the baby and work before going to Girls Night Out at the Santa Ana Elks.  Iris, Will, Bill, George, and the Ash’s were there today, and we laughed and giggled for two hours!

On the way home, we decided to do a flyby at our house to pick up some chili for Jan.  The car knew the way to Jan’s well, so all we did was say “Go To Jan’s,” and we were whisked away.

Jan always talks about playing the piano, so we walked into the front room and asked her to play.  She played; we howled; we all laughed!

I was asked about my musical skills, and I mentioned the accordion.  Jan pulled a ladies accordion out from under the piano, and I attempted to play it.  I remembered Third-Man Theme, Beer Barrel Polka, and Lady Of Spain.

I told them, what’s a gentleman—somebody who knows how to play the accordion but doesn’t.

I played the squeezebox when I was twelve years old.

We killed off a boggle of wine and enjoyed a prolonged visit returning home around 5:00 PM.  We skipped dinner because lunch was so good.  The pool was still 88 degrees, so we went swimming for an hour and then headed for the swim spa!

I did ask Mary, “Where do zombies like to go swimming?”  I answered, “The Dead Sea!”

The moon was fantastic tonight.

By the time we got inside, we were pooped, so we crashed immediately.

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