Coloring Easter Eggs And A Family Get Together!

Fact: Easter lilies are a relatively new tradition. These beautiful blooms first originated in Japan and arrived in England in the late 18th century. The United States only caught onto the trend after World War I. The transition from dormant bulbs to delicate flowers brings to mind hope and rebirth, two important themes of the Easter celebration.

We were up early putting the final touches on the house and preparing for the onslaught.  You can see the fun on our regular Easter pages. We had everyone busy!

Stuffing the p[lastic eggs!

The final touches on the patio required everyone.  Noon arrived and we were read.  The doorbell sounded, trumpets thundered, and Scout barked!  The Grill-master arrived!

The Grill-master arrives!

Within a few minutes, everyone was in the pool!  We swam and dined for a good hour until it was time.

Click for the panoramic photo!

Jon hid the eggs and did a magnificent job hiding them in plain sight!

The eggs were found in a matter of minutes!

We even had a drone flyby!

The day was a resounding success, with everybody enjoying themselves.

We were pleased with the outcome!

We were tired afterward even though we were totally cleaned up.  The kids/grandkids did everything, all we had to do was start the dishwasher!  We decided to go to Jan’s for a visit and then to Aces for one last glass of vino!

Jon would come to the Phoenix Club with us so Jan knew him!

Then to Aces for a demonstration of “the three-second beer”.

Put a fork in us, we are done!!

Returning home, we all went into the pool since it was warm and ended up in the swim spa.  We finally crashed at 11:30 PM!

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