Recovery Day #2: Different Slave Driver, Same Slave!

Gosh, it’s raining cats and dogs, said Mary looking out of the kitchen window.  “I know,” I’ve just stepped in a poodle!”

Robin stayed with me today as Mary went off to work.  Dang, Robin is also a tough old broad! I watched TV with Mr. Scout while Robin worked on the new puzzle.  Before Mary departed, she looked at the Daily Diary to see what the last few days were like looking through my eyes, oh oh! You never know what comes out of these fingers!

Mary checks the Daily Diary.  I passed with only two minor misspellings!

After Mary departed, Robin cracked the whip, and I had to hit the exercise regime with three sets of exercise and 25 repetitions, four times today!  OMG, I will become sore!  I do these on the bed, so I had Scout join me, and he kept track of the counts.  He used his right paw, which was helpful since he could only count up to four!

Scout watches TV with me!

Robin and I took the trash out and did some preparatory work for the incoming rainstorms coming over the weekend and next week.  I put tarps over the Christmas containers’ storage area and made sure the tie-downs were secure on the patio furniture.

Come on, rain, we need all we can get!!

Robin and I decided Mexican cuisine was needed at lunchtime, so off to Taco Surf went Robin while I performed a spit bath on myself; I am still not allowed out of the brace and my “panty-hose.” I asked Robin, “What do you call a beautiful woman who likes Mexican food? Taco Belle.”  I got two hisses and three boos on that one!

Right before lunch, Mary called, and she had two patients cancel, so she drove home to pick up some additional items as she will stay with me a little longer, making sure I behave–Fat chance of that happening.  I was pleased!

Robin decided to take Scout for a walk, but I failed to tell Robin about the new class that Mary had enrolled Scout into. Robin was a little out of air went she returned and Scout had a big smile on his face!

“Wow, that was a real walk!!”

There went Scout and Robin, 35 MPH down the sidewalk!

Colleen called and she might have pancreatitis and is in the ER; what is happening to us?  Age? Na, we are too young!

We got a call from the surgeon and it was “alarming”.

If it were an electric watch it would have been shocking!

We decided that Mary needed to do nothing tonight as she worked all day.  She even saw Zachary as she is outfitting him with contacts.  When Mary arrived home, we voted to go to the Fish Company and get dinner.  Mary and Robin went up to get the meal.  Robin did the crab cakes and MAry and I did rainbow trout.

I didn’t even take a picture of us having dinner we were having so much fun. We had the whole house lighted with scented candles. It was like magic!

After dinner, the girls hit the puzzle table while I had KP duty in the kitchen, seemed fair to me! Every time they got a piece in I heard a giggle!

A half-hour later, the cheery pie was presented as dessert and we all dug in!

They are fanatics about puzzles!

We didn’t watch TV, just worked on the puzzle until about 11:00 PM and it was time to crash.  Robin is heading to her sisters’ place tomorrow and Mary had “Paul Duty”, attempting to keep me off my feet.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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