Recovery Day #3: Time To Unlax

What do you call two surgeons operating on each other? A paradox!

It is Saturday, and when I woke up, I found Robin and Mary hard at work at the puzzle table.  As I passed by, I kicked the table, so I knew they knew that I knew  I was up.  They were already into their first cup of coffee, so I headed to the kitchen and poured a cup of joe, and joined them. We worked for another hour before Robin had to hit the road.

Scout, the Wonder Dog, was also up and working on the puzzle with the girls.  His best move was to knock three pieces onto the floor and then laugh!

All the Kings Horses and All the King’s Men were trying to put that puzzle together again!

He cheats a lot, finding the proper pieces, and then whispers into mommy’s ear where it should go.

His expression was amazing!

After Robin departed, I was instructed I HAD to do my torture exercises.  I whimpered, cried, and tried every trick in the book, but still, I had to do them.  Fortunately, Scout was there to assist me in counting, and since he can only count to eight, I was done quickly.

Miss Mary began puttering in the kitchen, and out came a wonderful breakfast! The egg dish was her casserole from last night, and it was excellent.  I love the turkey bacon better than regular bacon!

Turkey bacon is now my favorite!

Se set the table, and Mary made a quick salad out of lettuce from the garden, bananas, avocados, and oranges/tangerines from the garden.  Eating healthy these days has been reflected in my bloodwork, which is quite good for an old bugger like me.

Full tummy, happy Paul!

It was raining, and we were supposed to go to Whittier and do a drive-by birthday for Ed, but between my knee not making it easy to get into and out of cars and the rain, we stayed home.

We selected “The Sound Of Music” to watch, and it was fantastic.  I wondered why Mary selected that one, and then after three hours, it was obvious, she kept me still and off my feet for that long.  I don’t think I have watched the movie recently on the HD TV, and it was almost like a movie theater.  While we were watching Julie run up and down the mountains, the evil caretaker made me do the exercises twice.  I felt like a showgirl kicking my legs up and pointing my toes.

Late in the afternoon, we alternated between the puzzle and watching TV, then it was approaching dinner time.  That means zoodles are going to be done.  What is a zoodle, you ask?  It’s spaghetti made from zucchini!  Mary and I picked up a manually operated zoodle maker from Beb, Bath, and Beyond.  It was time to try it. For $9.95, we could not go wrong.

I mastered this machine quite quickly!

Mary began with her secret sauce.  The brew had all the regular stuff in it, but the whisker of the witch, toenail of the bat, and boiled hippo tongue added that essential flavors.

The operative word is “anymore”!

Once the cauldron was cook, I joined her and prepared the zoodles. I cheated and went to TiyTube and looked up how to cook them.  We were going to boil them in water, but cooking on high heat using olive oil was the preferred method.

I was zoodling up a storm singing away and then I got hit with a meatball, the Master Chef did not approve of my whistling.

The final product was beautiful and we did the cooking in two batches, one and a half minutes per side.  The sauces was ready plus we had steak and chicken from the other night we added to the meal.  Time to serve.

We are about to have another amazing dinner

From stove to table in 30 seconds flat! Dinner was ready, the table set, wine poured, and we are ready for an amazing meal! We laughed and giggled all the way through dinner and decided we would watch “Gone With The Wind” after dinner.

“Dang! This ain’t too bad!”

Having filled our tunnies, “Gone With The Wind” went pretty fast.  We crashed by 10:00 PM having slept through most of it so tomorrow we will gather again in front of the TV and attempt watching another three-hour movie.


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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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