Here A Doc, There A Doc, Everywhere A Doc Doc

Where do British surgeons keep donor organs?  In Liverpool.

First things first, Scout the Wonder Dog needed a short walk.  The wind was howling, and we bundled up before hitting the pavement.

It was an amazing sky this morning!

Mary and I spent the entire morning at doctors, starting with her dentist, where she had a fang put back in.  OK, it was not a fang but a crown.  Then off to see all my doctors to collect the necessary paperwork to allow the surgery to go ahead.  I had to prove I did have COVID-19, I needed rabies and distemper shots, we picked up a color x-ray of my lungs, and we visited Dr. Rucker. The final stop was at the surgeon’s office.  I feel very honored to have Mary as a partner; she takes excellent care of me.

She is indeed a sweetheart.

By lunchtime, we were done and decided to go to Patty’s for lunch.  Well, we visited Nick, the owner, and they were not open.  We decided to go to Rockwell’s in Villa Park as we could eat inside and they had a delightful menu!  The timing was perfect!  We had a little vino to wash down the meal.  It was just right as I cannot eat after midnight.

We ordered one salmon and one chicken, and we cut them in half and shared.

Since we were so close to Jan’s place, two blocks away, we ordered cheesy-fries and went over to visit her!

We just fiddled around Mary’s house for the rest of the evening, having a small dinner of left-overs, which were super, and Mary did a salad to kill for!  Life is good.

We talked to the kids, or they called us as tomorrow is the big day, the knee finally gets fixed.  We drove to my place with Scout around 8:00 PM to watch a little TV before crashing.  My place to the surgery center is a six-minute drive e.

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