Day 4 – Just Hanging Around

We were in the hot tub last night enjoying the views of the incoming lightning storm, not thinking of the danger.
And then it struck us….

We got up early and had breakfast before heading over to the “Out Of Africa” park, where we had an 11:00 AM reservations on the zip line.

Mary made the selection for breakfast, and it was a lot of food.  We did a pretty good job making it disappear.  The waffle was huge.

Our eyes were bigger than our tummies!

Big smile as we laughed over all the food that suddenly appeared.  Where are the wild pigs when you need them?

Mary made sure we had plenty of food!

At the risk of blowing up my iPhone, I took a picture of myself.  The lens frosted over a bit, but I managed one reasonable photo.

Yes, I was on the trip also!

Time to get dressed.  Mary knew how to dress for the zip line.  Her britches had more pockets and zippers in them than an entire motorcycle gang.  Then, she puts on the war paint, an amazing process!

Mary puts on her “war paint” and is ready to hang upside down 100 feet above hungry lions!

Mary was kind and brought me some depends because of my fear of heights. We are off to the zipline. It was about a 40-minute drive and easy to find since we had three GPS systems onboard today.  Mary is an excellent navigator, but she has a bad habit of saying, “Right turn, Clyde.”  I accidentally punched three stop signs and a little old lady in a wheelchair.

Yes…I had to climb those stairs—twenty-two stories above the desert.

So, Mary The Brave went first, and she yelled “Geronimo” and scared two lions and a zebra to death.  The animals below us looked to the sky, thinking the world was ending.

Off she goes

I, on the other hand, jumped off the platform with barely a whimper.  That was because I did NOT want to fill my Depends on the first jump!.

“Mary! When were the lions fed last??”

It took about two hours to go on all four zip lines as we had others in the party.   When we got back to earth, I gave Mother Earth a big smooch.

We had twenty pounds of straps and other equipment fastened to us.

We departed after visiting the gift shop and headed south to Scottsdale for our visit with Hans and Kirstin.  They have a beautiful home out in the wilderness.  We killed off two champagne bottles and then headed out to dinner and the local fine dining establishment where we did in another bottle of wine between laughs and giggles.

Hans, Kerstin, Mary, and Paul

We made potential plans for a December revisit to see them and maybe with the Zaitz and the Duda’s!

Wow! She lite up the night!

After arriving at our hotel, Mary spotted a huge swimming pool, which was 95 degrees.  We decided that it would be a wonderful idea to work out the kinks.  It was a fantastic idea.  We tried to get a drink, but the bar was closed.  However, both of us had a “sad face,” a young couple came over and asked what was wrong.  Mary began to cry.  I told them our sad tale of being without alcohol.  They shared their beers with us, and we were all happy again.

Christmas decorations are already going up.

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I am involved seriously with a long-time friend, Mary, and life goes on.
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