Day Three – Out And About

Ever thought about how funny mountains are? They’re hill areas.

We were up bright and early and heard the pigs next door.  Breakfast and coffee arrived right on time, 9:00 AM sharp!  Mary ordered our breakfast and it was enough for four people.  We are both going to hide our bathroom scales when we get home.

She ordered a bigger one today!

We fed the piggies our leftovers.  Mary decided to name them.  Piggy 1, Piggy 2, and Piggy 3 were not original, but it worked.

Come and get it, little guys.

We drove for an hour, taking the long way to get there, and as we went, we talked to Jan M. and told her about the trip. Old Town Clarkdale straight ahead.  We drove the speed limit, much to Mary’s dismay, but we got there with time to spare.

We stopped in Clarkdale in a section called Old Town.  The air was nippy but comfortable.

Old Town Clarkdale was wonderful.

The gas station was an amazing find—Gilmore gasoline, same as LA Farmers Market.

The old gas station

The antique store was next door, and it was a blast to walk through the past.

Roaming around the antique store

The train station had a little museum, and it was well done. We spent half an hour reading the charts.

We loved the train museum.

We were in a car name Scottsdale, and we had a super table for two.  We shared a good BM (Bloody Mary) before cracking open our wine.

Riding the rails

We spent a lot of time outside seeing the scenery.

Yes… we danced

I was puzzled, the big camera

Come on camera, work!!

It was a four-hour trip and the time went by fast!  The scenery was out of this world; a geologist’s dream come true.  Joe should have been here to explain all the formations.

The train ride was amazing.

It was dusk when we returned to Sedona, so we stopped at The Pump House and had dinner.  I went off-roading and had a margarita while Mary settled for a glass of fine.  We did surf and turf.  The restaurant was only three blocks from our hotel, so it was easy to find our way home.

Tomorrow we are going to the “Out Of Africa” park and going zip-lining at 11:00 AM.  Great fun, and the vacation has been totally amazing.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I am involved seriously with a long-time friend, Mary, and life goes on.
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