Monday Monday, Where Have you Been

Einstein developed a theory about space, and it was about time too.

Today I vegetated!  The weekend was amazing with Miss Mary and all of our activities, but I needed a “power-down” day.  I washed, straightened up, paid bills, and attempted to reduce the frig’s quantity of food in the frig.  Little piggy me has put in almost four pounds, so I have to double down on walking and doing push-aways from the table.

My grandson got a new bed/office combination.  Really neat!

With a built-in hiding place!

I read up on the sewer district information as we have a board meeting tonight at 7:00 PM.  NO big happenings that I cal discern from the paperwork.

Amazon has been busy delivering goodies all day.  I bought some clothes, a battery for Mary’s gate opener, and another Alexa just because the price was right.

All-in-all, a very boring day.  However, it will get better because, after the board meeting, I plan to visit Mary for a bit to say Howdy!

This picture brightens up my day!

I researched Sedona, Arizona, as I am contemplating a road trip sometime in the future.  I have not been there in 35 years, and I wondered how it might have changed?

The Sewer District meeting was at 7:00 PM, and I was flushed out of there at 7:45 PM and headed east toward Miss Mary’s place in an attempt to keep our record going, seeing each other every day since July 28th.

Upon my arrival, I found Mary glued to the computer.  She was doing some research on retirement opportunities, and it seems to be very complex.  The Zoom meeting started at 3:00 PM, and it was still going at 8:00 PM.  She was sitting there is a daze, eyes rolled back in her head, and mumbling to herself.  I know the cure for that condition!

I immediately knew what to do!!! I ran to the frig and poured the wine!

We then decided to watch TV so we sat on the couch and I discovered a treat!

I am very flexible!

All was going well until I accidentally hit the magic button!  What magic button, you ask?  The one that brings on the grey screen of death.  The TV disconnected from the WiFi.

We worked for ninety minutes, trying to make it work finally, out of desperation, calling Spectrum for help.  I even resorted to swinging Scout around three times by his tail and belching out some incantations I reserved for such circumstances.

We yelled and screamed, and we did the login procedure so many times we remembered the password without looking.  At 11:00 PM, we gave up.  After five hours of Zoom and ninety minutes of fighting the TV, Mary was not feeling well.  It was curfew time for me anyway!

Scout showed me where it was!

Mary headed to bed, and I had one more drink of wine and headed to The Silver Fox.  I sure like the remote start feature because the car was warm as I entered and drove home.

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