Sunday; A Day Of Rest!

A man sued an airline company after it lost his luggage. Sadly, he lost his case.

The day looked promising, although the weatherman predicted rain in the afternoon.  I called Mary and asked if breakfast was being served.  She replied in the affirmative, stating she found three more sardines I could have unless I was full from last night.

The Silver Fox and I headed east, arriving around 9:00 AM.  After last night I was so hungry I could have bitten into a dinosaur.  Well, Mary said we ought to go into the spa before breakfast.  I, of course, agreed.

Sardine farm? Now I am worried!

For the next forty minutes, I had to convince Mary that strange noises were from the local wildlife.  Little did she know that was my stomach growling, which, when submerged in water, makes the sound even more indistinguishable.

Why was the sign in such a prominent place?

The body is now appropriately soaked and ready for breakfast.  MAry found a potato lurking in the refrigerator and turned it into a feast.  My job was to set the table, prepare a fruit salad, and serve up a good BM (Bloody Mary).

We watched of favorite televangelist at 11:00 AM and then proceeded to do chores.  I assisted Miss Mary in getting Halloween decorations down and Thanksgiving Day up.  We frankly just dilly-dallied until 3:00 PM when we had to get ready for dancing.

I brought my dance togs with me and used the guest bathroom to get ready.  We headed for Chino about 5:15 PM and landed at PF Chang’s johnny on the spot at 6:00 PM.  We met Bob and Donna and proceeded to have a wonderful meal.

Donna and Bob; Always fun!

The four of us had a load of fun dining before the dance, which was only two miles away!  We heard all about their vacation this upcoming summer and they are going to share the itinerary with us should be decide to join them!

The Mighty Miss Mary!

How come my sardines were the size of chapstick, and these sardines are huge???  Perhaps I am secretly being put on a diet?

Salmon? Nope? Chinese Sardines!

Mary is excellent with the chopsticks.  She is trying new things these days and is adopting my philosophy; try new things; if you don’t like it, send it back!

Without a single click, the meal disappears.

We went to the dance at about 7:00 PM and headed home at 9:00 PM as Mary must work tomorrow.  We danced more than I thought we would and it was a lot of fun.  Dancing with Miss Mary is delightful.  I stayed about a half-hour before saying goodnight.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 7:00 PM and may go see Mary around 9:00 Pm even if for only a few minutes.  We have seen each other every single day since our first “date” at Patty’s Place in July.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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