Tuesday Has Arrived In All It’s Glory!

I was accused of being a plagiarist, their word, not mine.

It was cold again last night as I woke up to a house that was 68 degrees.  I quickly fixed that issue. Mary is at the VA today and is planning to leave early for her doctor’s appointment.  I proceeded to do chores around the house, pay some bills, and do some wash.

Yeah!  She got out real early and came by my house, so I got to drive her to/from her doctor, which is all of six minutes away.  Amazingly enough, Sue, Robin, and Mary had/have the same doctor!

When Mary was done, we decided to see Chuck at Patty’s Place and have a bite to eat and a drink.  We shared their prime rib sliders and some artichoke hearts.  I was amazed as I thought I would have to opt for more sardines, but Mary shared this evening.

Mary’s dinner

I told Chuck of Mary’s 48-ounce steak that she did not share with me, and I had just enough money to get three sardines for myself.

My dinner!  I’ll have this if Mary eats both of the sliders!

Chuck was kind and said, “If Mary does that tonight, I will find you some anchovies, and they are guaranteed to be fresh!”  He then pointed to their fish tank over in the corner of the room!  I thought he was kidding until he handed me a tiny fishing pole and a small net!

The Doctor takes a call!

I overheard part of the call, and it went something like this!

After dinner, Mary headed home, and I went my way.  Tomorrow we are visiting Annie at her doctors in Riverside.  If I go with Mary, we get to use the HOV lanes, which really speeds things up!

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