Thank You Vetrans For Your Service To Our Country

I meant to look for my missing watch, but I could never find the time!

I headed over to Mary’s after I packed for the mini-vacation we have planned.  I never packed for myself, and it was a chore deciding what to bring.  Two suitcases later, I was ready to go.  I charged the cameras and got nice warm coats ready.

After I arrived, I did some errands while Mary was packing.  I gassed the car, bought water for the trip, etc.

Mary packed in the morning, and in the afternoon, we went to Annie’s doctor’s appointment.  We got there early, so Mary gave me the grand tour as she went to medical school.  We even returned to the house she bought while in medical school.  It was enlightening.

Mary said the campus had changed quite a bit since she was there in the 1970s.

We got home after dark and decided it was time for The Rib Trader.  We first dropped off Scout at his babysitter’s home. 

Jim was not on duty tonight at the Rib Trader, but we did meet the owner.  Mary wore her service hat from the American Legion.  I am very proud of this lady!

Mary is an amazing woman!

We decided to get our dinner to go so we could watch the CMA, but alas, it was over by the time we got home at 8:00 PM.  We did watch some TV, but since we are traveling tomorrow, it was appropriate to crash early.  Everything is ready to go, and we are targeting an 8:00 AM departure so we can be in Sedona before dark.

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