Monday Has Arrived And So Has November

The wedding was so emotional even the cake was in tiers.

With all the election day activities, I harken back to the 1950s when it was a gentler time

The day began with Miss Mary heading for work, but her schedule was filled with gaps.  She had almost three hours between her morning patients and the afternoon patients, so I volunteered to meet her for lunch!  It was an excellent suggestion as we killed three stones with one bird. (I got glasses, we ate lunch, and we did our marketing)

When I picked Mary up from work, I went inside her office and got my new sunglasses.  I am officially now, “Mr. Hollywood!”

We stopped at Mother’s Market and dined at their deli-court and then did our shopping.  The sandwich and soup were perfect, and the juice Mary ordered was amazing.

I taught Mary how to use Alexa’s shopping list application, and Mary thought that a wonderful idea.  So we enter the market; Mary reaches for her iPhone and remembers it is in her office.  All we could do is walk up and down each aisle and try to remember what was on the list.  We missed three items out of about fifteen on the list; we did well!

Getting ready to go to work!

After the shopping, we loaded my car up with the foodies, and I headed home as I had a couple of packages I needed to get before going to Mary’s for dinner.

When I got home, I did some chores around the house and am getting ready to go through my Christmas boxes as I will never have Christmas like I used to with Sue.  It is difficult, but between Robin and Colleen and the Salvation Army, much of what was Christmas will get a good home.

I headed to Mary’s about 4:00 PM and awaited her arrival.  The time was used to call Irene and Connor.  Irene was doing well and is joining us for Thanksgiving.  Conner is going to confirm his invitation later today.

Well, Mary got another patient who took another hour, so Scout and I made a command decision; we would walk.  We did two full laps of our normal walk, which is about a mile and a half.

Scout and I were about to do the third lap when we heard the tires’ screeching, the smell of burnt rubber, what we thought were police sirens, and then a red streak whizzed by at Mach 3.  We ran and hid in the bushes before the shock wave from the sound barrier being broken would get to us.  Was it a meteor, a bolt of lightning, or a lost poltergeist from Halloween?  The streak began to slow; Scout and I looked at each other as we recognized the figure appearing out of the rubber tire smoke!  Scout yelled, “Mommy,” and I yelled, “Moma Mia!”

The pictures of Mary flying by were blurred, so we had to go to a stock photo!

Mary slowed to Mach 0.5, opened the window, removed her helmet and oxygen hoses, unstrapped the five-point harness, and waved at us, saying, “There are my boys.”  Scout and I both jumped up, wagged our tails, barked, and scurried down the sidewalk toward home.  I must say, Scout is much better at wagging his tail than me.

View from Mary’s home toward the ocean.

We had dinner, which was wonderful.  Leftovers are always great.  Then there was dessert. Believe it or not, I cut off a big slice of the bread we made yesterday, toasted that puppy, slathered it with Irish Kelly Butter, and served it up, sans whipped cream!

We watched Two and A Half Men and decided to call it a night.   Mary has to work, and I have Christmas Box sorting to do tomorrow, plus I must see the dentist!

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