Good Bye Halloween; Hello Thanksgiving!

Yesterday a clown held the door for me. It was a nice jester.

I made it home last night, and nary saw a witch or goblin out and about.  It was a pretty sad Halloween, downright scary!

I called Mary, and to my surprise, she asked me over!  I think she wanted the rest of the veggies planted, but maybe it was because of my magnetic personality; we will find out.  I decided to take it slow today, so I would not catch her in her jammies.  The extra 30 minutes to stop at Ralph’s paid off; she was ready, and so was Scout.

Ready for breakfast!! NO jammies this morning!

I volunteered to slice, dice, set the table, and do other less glamorous chores in trade for Mary doing her magic over the stove… well worth the price of admission!

My first effort was the salad, fruit salad!  It was a masterpiece.

Yes, it was a green salad!

Then the master chef, Miss Mary, worked her magic.  She turned the rooster eggs into a masterpiece of culinary artwork.  Even the rooster, who is still suffering from laying the egg, was proud!

Mary got fresh herbs from her harden and worked magic on them.  How she makes the rosemary taste like basic is amazing!

Fresh herbs and tomatoes from the garden, like is indeed good!

The omelet was called the “kitchen sink” as everything you could put into an omelet was there.

Looked too good to eat!

The day was so perfect that we dined outside on the patio under the trusty watch of Scout the Wonder Dog!


We then hit the backyard and finished our planting from yesterday.  After about two hours, we were done with gardening.  Everything was planted and looked pretty good!  I even erected a scarecrow to save the little guys from the birdies!

I could not understand why Mary made me take it down?

After that, we did our hot-tub thing, which really felt good on my knee.  In the afternoon, we just sat and watched a movie, and at dinner time, I suggested going to the Rib Trader.  We got “dressed up” and went there but decided we would have a drink and return home and eat the steak and salad.  Mary is much like me; home is a great place to be.

We watched a movie until it was curfew time and I had to go home since Mary works tomorrow.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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