Saturday And We Have An Open Calendar

Why can’t you take inventory in Afghanistan? Because of the tally ban.

I woke up, looked at my calendar, and voila, almost empty.  I mentioned to Mary last night that I would come over and help take Scout to the Vet.  I got to Mary’s about 7:45 AM, and we shuffled Scout into the back seat of The Silver Fox.  It was a little embarrassing as Scout still had his jammies on, and the design on the jammies were kitty cats! Little did he know he was going to visit the doctor.  He thought it was a come as you are a breakfast party!   Well, everything was OK, according to the vet.

After the vet’s visit, we went out for a small breakfast sandwich and brought them back home.  What to do now.  An idea hit us like two tons of water; yes, the swim spa.   We donned our swimming attire, Mary, with her teeny weenie yellow polka-dot bikini and me with my speedos and two yellow rubber duckies carefully stuffed under each arm.  It was frightening to look at.  Scout took a peek, howled in a painful matter, and ran upstairs and hid under the bed!  He would not come out!

We were confused. Was it the bikini or the speedos? Hoping not to cause permanent psychological damage to Scout, we changed again into normal “old people” swim attire.

We soaked for over an hour, and by the end of the time, Scout managed to be brave and came outside.  We saved him!

To make sure Scout was going to be OK, I carefully measured Mary’s swimsuit to see if it was acceptable!

In the afternoon, we came up with a plan.  We went to the local Waba Grill and did a Jan Mongel fly-by.  We surprised her, and without warning, she had no time to make a meal or do anything.  We are sneaky!

We love it when a plan comes together!

We left Jan’s and headed to the dance.  Bob Z. made reservations at PF Changs, which is nearby the dance studio.  The poor waiter had to put up with us the whole evening. He should have known what was coming when we ordered twelve big-macs to go!

We arrived first and therefore, like the old adage, “the early bird gets the wine”…or something like that!

Mary was attempting to order five glasses of wine, and I suggested maybe one bottle?

We dined and yakked for a good hour, swapping stories and telling tales.  Those things that never really happened were sure a lot of fun! It is wonderful to have great friends to share things with.

Bob and Donna, great friends and wonderful people!

It still feels a little funny to be dining in the middle of the street, but alas, 2020 has brought many changes in our lives.

Having known each other for years, the evening was comfortable!

From my seat, I had a wonderful view…in fact, it was fantastic.

Mary thought she might order five more glasses; I caught her in time!

Mary and I were the walking wounded.  Her back and my knee slowed us down so, instead of dancing every dance, we laughed and giggled and danced.  M-m-m-m-m-m, now that I think about it, we laughed and giggled while dancing.  We were like a self-contained floor show!

We departed the dance a little early so we could rest our various parts that needed it.  Tomorrow we are having brunch with Pete & Lisa and Robin down at Trevor’s At The Tracks in San Juan Capistrano.  Mary is meeting the family.

I was home by 11:00 PM and started some wash.  I am pretty busy these days!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I am involved seriously with a long-time friend, Mary, and life goes on.
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