Friday Has Arrived With Lots Of Noise; The Gardner Showed Up!

Did you know they won’t be making yardsticks any longer?

So, what was the noise?  The gardeners seem to want to be out at 8:00 AM on Friday, and all those power doohickies running at the same time make a racket!  I could not get my beauty sleep, and that is not a good thing!

Running a house is NOT “child’s play.” Every week I admire what Sue did for so many years.  This morning I was up to my keester in clothes, sheets, towels, and other miscellaneous things!

The garden needs some attention, so I made up a list of “to do’s,” including pulling out the remaining tomatoes, trimming the berries a bit, and a few changes to my tool storage area.

At 11:00 AM is got cleaned up as I was heading to Mary’s to do a little garden work before doing out for the afternoon.  I got cleaned up, and we decided to go to Roger’s Garden by way of David and Diane’s.

Everything looked amazing.

As usual, the gardens were beautiful.

We enjoyed the colors, and I could not believe how many of the names of plants I knew, thanks to Sue.  She taught me well, and I now remember them!

We are talking about serious reds here.

Mother nature is quite an artist, which reminded me of one of my favorite songs of the 1940s.

The pinks were so pink, and the soft reds were breathtaking!

The flowers were fascinating, with each one being unique.

The Halloween Stor is going to be open on the 5th, so guess where we are going next weekend?

September 5th, the Halloween store opens!

We stopped at the Farmhouse restaurant and had a drink.  Knowing that we were seeing Robin later, we shared a cheese plate.  I got a quick photo of a beautiful masked lady!

We planned to hold up the restaurant.

My eye was giving me fits, so the waitress offered to help.  She found a rubber glove, filled it with ice, and zot, instant icepack.

We made an ice pack from rubber gloves. My eye was sore.

We continued our walk visiting the store and the vegetable gardens.  Mary, being a doctor, must take incoming calls.

The Doc must take a call.

The roses were fantastic today as the sky was nearly cloudless, the sun was out shining magnificently.  Fortunately, the heat has died down, and it was in the 70s by the time we departed.

Red Red Rose!

You never know at Roger’s at Halloween who may be watching you!

You are being watched!

We hurried up the coast to Seal Beach and landed at Patty’s Place.  We met up with Robin, and the three of us talked and had dinner.

Dinner time at Patty’s

If my eye looks terrible here, wait until tomorrow morning.  It seems like I didn’t end my sentence with “Yes Dear” and got bopped!

Empress_1908 and I get along just fine!

After dinner, Robin headed for my place because she has to work tomorrow, and I went to Mary’s, and we watched a movie before I headed back home at about 9:00 PM.  Another wonderful day!

On the way home, I talked to Sue and thanked her for imparting her knowledge about all the flowers and plants.  We spend hundreds of hours walking through the botanical gardens from France to Singapore, Fron Sydney to Toyoko, I learned a lot.  I miss you, Sweet Sue.

Seeing the gardens up close!

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