Work & Fun, A Good Thing!

“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” — Unknown

Sue loved the babies and they loved her, it was magical.  BElow, we were babysitting Theo so Mom and Dad could get an afternoon off.  It was 2007 when we drove over to West Los Angeles and spent an afternoon with Theo.  He was a good baby and just enjoyed being talked to and showing us all his toys.

Sue was patient and took everything in stride always looking for the best in any situation.  She was a real jewel and a wonderful life partner.  It is so easy just to close my eyes and she is right there in my thoughts and memories.

Now, little Theo is a teenager!


One more trip into the attic to examine the wiring before it gets closed out by stucco.  It was a successful trip and I now have a game plan for this winter!

Now it is chores time.  I have come to appreciate how much Sue did around the house over the past thirty-five years because, with just little old me at home, it is a lot of work!  This morning I washed, dried, and hung up clothes.  I made a decision to give to the Salvation Army seven boxes of towel sets and other cloth items I found in the hallway closet.  They are all clean and in a lot of cases brand new.  I will never use them and someone might as well.

Then I went through the refrigerator looking for potential science projects and only found a couple of items that I must cook up this week.  Now that I made it to the kitchen, I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it with a couple of items.

Casting my eyes about the room, I decided to water the inside plants which take about thirty minutes as they must be fed and watered and, of course, talked to or they become unhappy.

As I walked through the living room, it reminded me of the three pictures I put on the couch.  It’s a long story but the short and sweet of it is the three pictures hung in my aunt’s den since it was built in 1953.  When Sue and I moved Kat into assisted living, I took these pictures and hung them in my guest bathroom.  They no longer fit there so they got promoted to the living room.  When I see these, it reminds me of the fifty-years I would visit my aunt and enjoyed seeing these silly creatures.

Wonderful memories!

Since I was in and out of the kitchen, I had to listen to the house-phone message machine which I try to do once a week.

Finally, m chores are done and I can have a cup of coffee!  Yeah, the heart can get started again!

Bob showed up and began the final concrete coat on the walls.  He worked until 7:30 PM and had to quit as he ran out of cement so I will see him Sunday morning.

Robin had to work and she stopped by at 1:00 PM so we went to CPK and dined outside.  I mentioned I was going to Amy and Jor’s tonight so I had an appetizer, Mexican Street Corn.  That was perfect as it kept my funny from growling until 6:00 PM.

I mentioned to Robin that my granddaughter got married a few hours earlier.  We both thought that was wonderful!


Jackie’s niece and nephew got in on the act!

Time to leave for La Mirada as I was invited to dinner with Amy and Joe.

I went to Ralph’s market and brought Amy some flowers and a boggle of her favorite wine.  She was a happy girl!

I also brought Joe a book on the “History Of McRae Arkansas” so he could see where his grandfather grew up.  When he is done, I will mail it to Colleen as she wants to read about McRae.

Amy did Italian, always a safe bet.

Charlie joined us while Alex was on doggy-duty!  Apollo and Alex stayed inside and watched TV together.  Charlie did well with the ravioli and Joe and I offered him sushi!

Charlie seems to be eyeing the sushi.

Don lives across the street and he joined us this evening.  He and Apollo had a thing going on all evening!

Don, Joe’s neighbor, joined us and he is always a delight!

Amy listened to Joe and I banter back and forth and just shakes her head in disbelief.  It is so funny because we use a lot of the same sayings and often finish each other’s thoughts.  I am very proud of Amy and Joe, they are wonderful kids!

That’s my Son and after I get a little more hair we will look alike!

I must remind myself to get a book on how to take selfies.  I think it might involve needing an arm stretcher because I can’t get it far enough away.  Someone ought to invent an iPhone stick where you can hold the camera away from you and take a picture.  I will have to give that some thought.

One of these days I will learn to take a selfie correctly.

Don brought over apple and chocolate pie so I had to try the chocolate.  I took a teeny tiny piece, better called a sliver as I do NOT want my bathroom scale to found out what I did!


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