The Week Is Gone; Power Is On!

Sue is in my heart, so she is always with me. Always!

We loved doing new things, and the “All American Melodrama Theater” in Rainbow Harbor was one of our favorites.  We could boo, hiss, applaud, and cheer the actors as they went through the melodrama routines.

Sue was fun to be with, and we could talk for hours about melodrama and what it would have been like to see “the real thing.”  The theater is now gone, we were patrons for ten years enjoying all the fun.  Sue was such a good sport and fun to be with doing anything!

I rip-roaring time was had by all!


I called Colleen bright an early and she told me that she was going to a wedding.  Jackie and Nat are getting married Saturday!  I thought that was wonderful.  It will be a small wedding and I would have flown back but the Covid-19 mess has me a little worried plus the house is all torn up.

It is my wish that you two share the kind of love Sue and I had for each other! Congratulations!

While fresh in my mind, I went through the circuit breaker list and identified every outlet in the house where power is used.  It took another two hours, but now I have them all!  Now I shall make several copies and hide them around the house for future reference.  This winter, when it is cold in the attic, I plan to do some significant rearrangement of the circuits, so with one switch, I will be able to kill an entire area!

Bob was here early today, and he put on the scratch coat, and we put a high speed “dance fan” in the bathroom so tomorrow the finish coat can go on.  Then by Tuesday, the tiles get put on, and we are just about done.  The “dance fans” are the ones Sue and I brought to the Santa Ana Elks when we danced because the old lodge had an erratic air conditioner.  I always keep the fans in the car just in case.

While I did offer to mix the mud, Bob wanted to do it to make sure it was perfect.  So I went to the pool store and ordered the LED pool lights.  I know ow it is overpriced but it keeps the neighborhood mom and pop stores in business so that is good.

Supplies are at the ready.

The scratch coat was applied, and it is rough by design so that the smooth finish will bond to the surface quickly. The shelf is perfect for holding shampoos and other shower goodies. SPEC MIX Scratch and Brown Preblended Stucco is a dry, preblended cement-based product designed to be used as the scratch and/or brown coat in a three-coat stucco application.

Scratch coat installed, including the shelf.

The wall shelf will be tiled and will have the ability for a glass shelf half-way up in case I need more space.  Bob set it in to fit the tile we ordered perfectly.

The shelf details.

There was some cement remaining, so Bob, the artist, got busy.  I think I will move this to the front yard as a remembrance of this event.

Art for the garden.

The glass guy, from La Mirada Glass,  will be here a week from Monday to take the measurements and place the custom orders.  It will take a week to get the glass, so if I want to use the shower, I will get an el cheapo plastic curtain for a week.  While he is here, I plan to order a replacement for the Master Bathroom Shower at the same time.  I am looking for the “barn door” rollers instead of these silly little plastic rollers that wear out.

I spent an hour in the garden bringing in some tomatoes for tomorrow’s lunch.  I picked some table grapes and a handful of berries plus ten or so Roma tomatoes which I just popped into my mouth!  I love the garden but I do miss the joyful expression of Sue’s face when I would bring in these little delights.   Her brain would fire up, smoke would come from her ears, her eyes would sparkle, pots and pans would rattle, and the stove would start to heat up.  An hour later, we would have a wonderful meal!  She was simply amazing!

Goodies from the garden!

The pool equipment was originally behind a wood barrier with plastic lath.   I am going to put up a four or five-foot wall in front of the equipment so it cannot be seen from the house yet the maintenance folks can get to it easily.  The control box, the tan unit on the wall, is new, replacing the thirty-five-year-old controller, which was located by the main panel.  This move of the box will make it easier for the pool guy to do his thing!

The pool area is getting a revamp.

I washed down the front yard, put away all my tools, and watered the herb garden.  Then I decided it was time for dinner.

Time to rest.

I was tired again, so making a full dinner was not an option. So I found two small steaks, and I halved an onion, into the skillet and zot, dinner is served.  High protein, low calorie, I am still heading for 190 pounds, but progress is SLOW!

Easy dinner, steak, and onions!

Gee, I had an idea.  Why not jump in the hot tub.  I have not been in it for over four years, but I keep the spa operating, with proper chemicals, etc.  So, I went into the house, got my towel, and I skinny-dipped with the temperature at 102 degrees.  I stayed in there for 45 minutes, and it felt great!  I looked like a prune when I first got into the spa.  I cannot quite describe what cooking a prune for 45 minutes looked like, but it was NOT pretty.

I really missed Sue as I watched the sky turn dark.  We would sit in there for an hour at a time and just talk and drink wine and talk and drink wine.  She just made the end of the day magical for me. I remember her just sitting, smiling, talking, and usually planning some future activity.

I do miss that smile and beautiful thoughts about everything.

By the time I got back in the house, it was late, so I decided to watch “O Dark Thirty,” the movie about the elimination of OBL.  Summary:  A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the Navy SEALs Team 6 in May 2011.



I checked my phone, and although I did not go for a walk, I walked 7,000 steps while the phone was in my pocket, so I probably did more like 8,000.  The movie was done at 11:45 PM, which, coincidentally, so was I.  Good night all!

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