Power On; Power Off

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

I remember so well that all the years we took pictures at our dance clubs, Sue would go ahead of me and visit with each table, warning them I was coming with the ever-present camera.  She got a chance to visit with everyone and spread her special kind of cheer.   I was so very proud to have her as my partner in life.

The few times recently I have been out in groups, I miss seeing Sue out-and-about visiting everyone.  She was just an astounding person and an amazing partner.

Ever thoughtful!


The day started early as I wanted to check on some things up in the attic before the guys got here.  I started in the back yard with he old box identifying the six circuits (cables) that headed up into the attic.  Thanks to the iPhone, I took pictures so I could remember!

Early in the morning before the fun begins.

I had done some of the wirings myself and I was careful to label every circuit and modification so I could remember the next time I went “upstairs).

I went up into the attic to check out a few things!

The picture below is where those cables came in and one can see the house was re-roofed and some of the old wood shingles fell through.  These pictures will remind me of what I will fix in the attic during the winter months. I plan to “clean up” some of the goofy wirings that were put in place over the many years.

The house is 60 years old, some of the dust is at least that old.

The guys arrived at 8:30 AM sharp and coordinated their plan of attack!  First things first, kill the power to the house by disconnecting from the power pole!

The day begins at 8:30 AM

The house is officially dead!  I ran a cable to Vicky’s place to get power for the bathroom so Bob could continue his work.

Power is cut, I am off the grid!

It looked like an explosion in a haystack.  This reminded my of when my dad and I overhauled my first car.  I was afraid we would never get things all together again!  Notice the labels on each wire!

The circuits are ready to reinstall!

No power, it was lunchtime and they departed.  I did the same!  I went to Subway on got a half-veggie sandwich and diet lemonade.  It was perfect. It’s 3:00 PM and the wiring is going back into the box. I am reading to them the circuit numbers, wire sizes, and other essential things from my spreadsheet.  They appreciated my help!

I worked with them to determined what goes where and circuit breaker sizing.

OK, we are ready for the “smoke-test”.  Eddie was serious as he flipped on each circuit breaker NOT to look directly into the box should there be a spark.  He shielded his eyes and looked the other direction.  I was brave (i.e. stupid) as I stared into the box.  Well, no issues!  The entire box came alive!

Damn, Looks like new! Well, it is!

We buttoned the box up and I spent the guys home as it was 6:00 PM.  I cleaned up the minor mess as it was simple.  They did amazingly well and the pool system all works as advertised, yeah!!

Buttoned up and ready for stucco wrap!

Did I walk today, well, that depends upon how you look at it?  NO, I did not walk around the block BUT I did 7,000 steps and walked two miles around the house helping out the guys!

Command decision time, I cleaned up snd put on fresh jeans and a space shirt and headed to Patty’s Place after talking to Colleen and checking in on the granddaughters.

On the way to Patty’s Place.

I was hungry but did NOT want to blow my weight target (I am hovering around 191 today) so I went for the petite steak French onion soups, and salad plus my purple drink!  It was great.  I chatted with Chuck and some of the regulars.  One friend came in who had not seen by since Sue left.  He was in tears as he hugged me.  Sue was very special to a lot of people and she knew many at Patty’s Place.

I have a small (6 oz) steak, a cup of soup and a salad.  Nice easy dinner!

Selfie time and now you know what a “space shirt” is!

Yes, I had a G&T!

I headed home, talked to Robin,  and I crashed like a ton of bricks.  I remember turning on the TV but that was it.  I didn’t move until 5″30 Am the next morning.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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