Zunday And I Am Up At At ‘Em Early

“You must decide where you are going in the evening if you intend to leave early in the morning.” – Malian Proverbs

I decided last night that at 8:30 AM this morning, I was going to feed Sue breakfast, whether she liked it or not. Well, she ate about 30% of the eggs and had half a bowl of oatmeal plus a bite of breakfast cake; don’t argue with success.

Time to eat!!

I reminded her we have been retired exactly 12 Years, 10 Months, and 26 Days and I want to do at least another 12 Years, 10 Months, and 26 Days. Message: Get better and come home!

I probably looked like this to Sue this morning!

Returning home at about 10:00 AM, I began doing my chores. What chores do you ask? Well, I paid the bills, updated the calendar, accomplished additional closet cleaning, and hung some pictures on the wall that had been down for quite some time. I want everything to look good for when Sue comes home in a week!

I made it to the mailbox, and the get-well cards are coming in fast and furious! Thank you all as I take them over immediately to Sue so she can see them. I can see it makes her happy!

Diane is coming down Wednesday morning and leaving Thursday evening so she can visit Sue in the hospital and get an impression of how things are going. Diane is quite a lovely person and a wonderful sister-in-law to have at times like these.

Found in the closet, an “oldie but goodie.”  Sue and I took a trip in 1988 to New Mexico, Nevada,  and Arizona, seeing the caves, going to four-points, and ending up in Las Vegas.  The two-week trip was a blast!  Sue loved the old truck and enjoyed driving it.  She said, “finally, I am taller than everyone else!”.   We both laughed because when I traded it in for the F-150 4-wheel drive, she said, “I now am really tall!”.

30+ years ago! We were a team! Still are!!

At 11:00 AM, Michele called and said she was going to the hospital, so I jumped in the Silver Ghost, sat back, adjusted the seat, and spoke carefully into the radio, “Ghost! Take us to Sue!!” Without fanfare and nary a whimper, the mighty engine roared to life, flames shot out the back of the car looking like an F-14 taking off from a carrier (glad I didn’t back into the garage), and we were off like a flash!

Arriving nine minutes later, I met Michele walking to the front door. We attempted to visit Sue, but Sue and the nurse were disagreeing.  We stood back and watched knowing full-well who was going to win.

Robin called just after Michele departed, and she was coming with Bob at 2:30 PM, so I stayed. As it got towards 2:30 PM, I needed something to eat, so I went to “The Crooked Duck” and got a glass of strength!  One sip into the wine and Robin called, saying she was coming to “the duck” in a few minutes to join me.

While we were there, Irene stopped at the hospital to visit.  She had other plans or she would have joined us for dinner.

We had dinner at the duck before going back to visit Sue.  Great fun!  Robin and Bob are always a joy to be with, plus Bob had duck chili, which he liked!  Robin and I shared a Monte Cristo sandwich, which is plentiful and delicious.  She added a salad, and I could not resist the duck chili.  I did harass the waitress, asking for the duck chili to be served without “the quack.”  She gave Robin a funny look (as if to say, “who is that masked man?”) before wandering off.

I returned to the hospital for a while as I wanted to share the news that Sue was going to be a great-grandma again!  Number five is on the way!

We are collecting a plethora of grandbabies and we have Jonathan & Sarah, Nick, and Joe and Amy’s boys yet to go!

Sue was doing better, although all the meds have their effect.  I departed Sue at 6:00 PM, needing a good night’s rest.

As I drove towards our house, the scene reminded me of Halloween. Then reality set in, it’s winter!

The house was so empty, but we had guests today.  The friendly people from Amazon were busy.  I got a new Firestick for the bedroom TV, some AmazonBasics Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 24-Pack, and a Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Automatic Digital Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor which we may need in the future.

Wondering how the Firestick plugs in, I went to the TV’s on-line manual.  OMG, the darned thing was 177 pages in length!.  No way this Jose’ is going to scan 177 pages back and fort!  With a flash of newly acquired intellect, I downloaded the manual, went to my Staples printing account page, and ordered up a hard-copy manual, which I will pick up tomorrow morning.  One hundred seventy-seven pages bound with plastic covers front and back, it was well worth the $27 I paid!

Home means working on the computer a bit as I need to get the Topper’s Website ready for the Friday evening pictures.  At 10:00 PM, the body was sending signals, “Time to crash.”  I should have known it when my nose ended up on the keyboard. Turning on the TV in the bedroom caused the first significant yawn.   I watched two science fiction action movies on the new TV.

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