Zack Is Coming Hooray Hooray!

Grandchildren: the only people who can get more out of you than the IRS.

I got up early to get the bedroom ready for Zack, who is going to hang the new TV. When I moved the harp, I got pretty sad.

Dear Mom,

I was working this morning in the master bedroom, and I needed to move some things around to make room for the wall mount TV (I’ll tell you about that later).  When I moved Sue’s folk harp and music stand, I came undone (that’s a new-fangled way of saying I got despondent and almost cried).

My mind went back about forty years when you had your stroke and had to give up painting.  You were mastering oil and watercolor painting, but the stroke affected your right hand, and you had to give it up.  I thought I understood how you felt, but perhaps I did not.

Sue loved the folk harp and also was doing pretty well learning new songs all the time.  Then her back began to go bad and post-operation, she could no longer lift her arms for an extended period, so the folk harp had to be given up.  For the last twenty years, we kept the harp and music stand in our bedroom. With the addition of the big TV, I decided to move the harp/music stand to another part of the house.

I do not think I am soft, but moving those items did bring tears to my eyes as I walked the items to other places in the house.  It’s difficult getting old and having ailments that keep you from doing things you love to do. Today I understood that oh too well!

As I often wonder what went through your mind when you had to give up painting and sewing, but perhaps I know better now.

You know Mom, Sue also took up painting later in life, and that had to be given up also because of her back. I offered to pose naked, but she decided that it was not a great idea.  Reminds me of your trip to Venice High School when they brought out the “naughty nasty naked man,” and you got so upset.  We still laugh about that incident!

I love you, Mom!

p.s. I wished you could have stayed with us long enough to know Colleen, Robin and Joe.  They are of great comfort these days, especially when I need someone to talk to.

I went to the hospital at 11:00 AM and found out she did not eat anything.  When lunch arrived, it was a PB&J. Youch!  I walked around the corner and got her an excellent veggie omelet, but she refused to eat that, so at 2:00 PM, I headed home somewhat sad and disappointed.  It’s like she is giving up.  I am sure it’s the meds she is taking, but they are taking their damage on both of us!

The iPhone vibrated with great force like it was possessed.  To its assistance, I dashed, and it was a message from Donna and Bob!  “What kind of cookies would Sue like? We are heading over there now”.  I was delighted, and I also headed to the hospital.

Dr. Donna is a clinical psychologist specializing in family relationships, but she knows her stuff.  Donna confirmed that the Lexapro would take at least a week to get into the system, and Donna said she thought Sue would be in the facility at least another week.

After their visit, I walked with them to the Crooked Duck, and we enjoyed a glass of wine and just talked, which was so relaxing.  They are good friends.

Back to the hospital for a short visit and then back home.  On my way back, the iPhone again buzzed, vibrated, and made shoulds only a mother could love.  It was Diane!  Lisa and Patrick are engaged!

Our niece is going to be tying the knot! OMG, I am getting old!

Lis and At 5:45 PM, we (me and the Silver Ghost) made a “CPK Run” for the split pea & barley soup.  I fed Sue about 1/2 of the soup and a 1/2 bottle of Ensure.  She was getting an IV, so we did not get her up.  Dehydration is not a good thing.

Just before leaving the iPhone again rang out with great vigor and grabbing it before it woke up the dead, it was a Valentine’s Day picture of our great-grandkids.  I showed it to Sue, and she was happy and smiled.

Cute! They take after their great grandparents!

At 7:00 PM, we made a mad dash for the GG Elks as I wanted to see Ed (Kathy passed early this week).  He looked pretty beat-up as he was Kathy’s caretaker.   We cast eyes on each other and immediately understood what the past year has been like for both of us.  A good hug and a mental note to go wine tasting in Temecula soon made for a beautiful evening.  We all departed about 9:00 PM.  Guess we are getting old.

Safe at home by 9:30 PM, the AM radio provided me some entertainment as I listened to “Dark Secret Place.”  By 10:30 PM, I was done with this day, so to the sack, I crawled, but I did watch a movie.  It worked, TV on means my eyes close. I remember the first few minutes, and that was that until around 5:00 AM.

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