Happy Valentine’s Day

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

While I want to be happy, it is difficult as Sue is still away from home, this is the second week! We have not been apart this long ever, the most time we were apart was three days because of business.

I got the bedroom ready for the TV, found the breaker to kill the power, and moved some furniture around to provide an unobstructed view and a work area The TV arrived just before I headed to the hospital, so I got it inside the house to be safe. It looks enormous, but the distance from the bed pillows to the wall is 15′ or 180″, so the rule of thumb, given a 1080i TV, we divide by three so 60″ should be just fine!.

This diagram seems to say the 65″ selection was perfect!

To the hospital via the florist shop as Sue needs some more flowers on this special day.  Joe called right before I got to the hospital.  Colleen and I love to help Joe when he calls, and he is tat the fast-food drive-thru!  We yell additional orders, confusing the poor order-taker.  Wonderful fun!

The flowers and some clean clothes made it to the room but no Sue.  Ah ha, PT was underway.

I walked back to the gym, and she was doing the hard part of the exercise, standing, and sitting.  On the third attempt, she “passed out,” and by that, I mean her head fell forward and kept going.  Ty, the PT Technician, and I panicked, and we jumped to catch her.  Returning her to the upright position, she was in a daze for maybe ten seconds.  OMG, not a seizure!

Her blood pressure was very low, and oxygenation was in the 70s, quite low.  She got oxygen and, in ten minutes or so, seemed to recover.  I fed her lunch as she did not want to eat, but I made her eat half a grilled cheese sandwich anyway.

She is supposed to be recovering, but I do not see a lot of progress, scary at best!

While she was resting, I showed her our security camera showing Juan, our car wash guy, doing his thing.   Juan is exceptionally reliable, and last week he showed up on time, and I was NOT there!  I had to be at the hospital, so I “stiffed” him.  I texted him this week and apologized and arranged for him to come to wash my car and Vicky’s car today.  I wrote him a check for last week and this week.  It was not nice of me to stiff him, and I told him so.


The Silver Ghost, now clean and shiny, and I went over to the hospital around 5:30 PM and tried to get her to eat something plus see if the test results are back yet.

The results were that she was dehydrated and needed some fluids.  I fed her 1/2 a plate of the macaroni and cheese and 1/2 of the bowl of vegetable soup.  When the RN’s came to do the intravenous fluids, I departed for home.  It’s amazing how much taking care of someone makes one so tired.

Arriving home, I worked on making the bedroom ready for Zack’s arrival tomorrow.  The new TV gets installed.  I put out some tools, the Bosch leveling device, measured the wall to get the center of the TV located, and I found the stud where the power outlet was attached.  I taped the verticle line from the power outlet to where the TV will be located.

Before crashing, Colleen and I talked for almost an hour.  She helps me over the bumps because she always has a positive outlook, plus she is pretty funny.  Between Colleen, Robin, Joe, and Michele (our kids), I feel supported and that if I needed help, they would be right there.

Mark got Colleen flowers for Valentine’s Day!

It got to be 11:00 PM, and I crashed!  No TV tonight, it was an emotional day!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I am involved seriously with a long-time friend, Mary, and life goes on.
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