Saturday, A Beautiful California Day!

“Oh my sweet Saturday, I have been waiting for you for six long days.”

Nothing planned today, what’s a switch from every other day.  I worked in the office doing some more labeling activities and beginning to get the tax document ready to go.  Our accountant of thirty years sends a useful checklist.  By the time we see her in mid-February, she zips through the taxes in a day or two.  She likes us!

Not a bad idea; I may try that this year!!!

We decided to go to Taco Surf for lunch as I can get a single taco and their famous “Scorpion Soup,” which I always need to doctor with habanero sauce.  The restaurant picture windows face south, so we watched the big puffy clouds float by as we dined.

I saw a guy in a Statue Of Liberty costume, and I think he was advertising about tax season, which reminded me of Halloween 1953.

Dear Mom,

I have not written in a week, so I wanted to drop a line and thank you for making me Superman in 1953.  That Halloween will always be remembered because I had the best costume in the entire school.  The TV series Superman was on TV, and all the boys wanted to be Superman.

I remember asking you to make me a Superman costume, and, as usual, you didn’t say anything, but your brain must have gone into overdrive!

You went to work and provided me with an outstanding costume.  I could have been the little brother to George Reeves, who played Clark Kent/Superman in the series.  I have no idea where you found the long flowing polished cotton bright red cape, but it was magnificent.  You know Mom, I’m glad you assured me I could NOT fly or otherwise I’d have jumped off the roof for sure because that cape may have worked! You must have worked hours recreating the S’s on the mantle and the shirt.

The piece de’ resistance was the boots.  Some young lady must still be missing them, but after you modified them to look like Superman’s, she would not have recognized them anyway! And the “tights,” as we say today, OMG, they were perfect, and they were NOT pajamas like the other boys!

When I showed up at school and saw the other guys, I never saw such a clobbered up collection of red rain boots, red beach towels wrapped around their necks, hand-drawn S’s probably using Crayola, blue saggy gym shorts, and what looked to be PJ’s instead of tights! The other guys looked silly! I, on the other hand, was Superman!

I do apologize for telling the kids at school where I got the costume because I remember the phone ringing off the hook with mom’s in our class wanting you to make one for their little Supermen.

Maybe you knew how to do it so well because The Adventures of Superman began filming at the RKO-Pathé studios (later Desilu Studios) in Culver City, California, which was three miles from our home.

Your creative and sewing skills were just amazing, and I, to this day, think about that costume every Halloween. I hate to tell you this but your grandson Joe thinks about dinosaurs!

However, Mom, today, I look like Superman after swallowing a small pig which means no tights for me until I drop below 200 ponds again! So, do lot look up into the sky as I am NOT faster than a locomotive, I can hardly leap out of bed, but I do fight crime and democrats!

Love you, Mom!


Returning home, I completed cleaning the computer/electronics closet, and  I carried out a bunch of stuff to the trash, including my old Apple wireless network components, 40-year-old binoculars, and a bunch of other things.  My little cameras are going to Colleen, so the great-grandkids can learn to take pictures.

We stayed around the house and were planning to go to the GG Elks, but Sue is not up to it, so we are staying home and watching TV.  I am beginning the tax season activities going through last year’s donations, tax-related events, etc.  I want to be ready to go when we get the last piece of paper.  Last year we were two months early, yeah!

Here is a short video that may be thought-provoking!


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