Feelin’ Better!

When I told the doctor about my loss of memory, he made me pay in advance.

I have not idea why I was thinking about old TV’s. May because I update our Thanksgiving website last night and was remembering the days before television!  Anyway, do you remember this picture?

One had to figure in “warm-up time” when getting ready for a show!

Mom or Dad would say “Warm up the TV, the news will be coming on”.  Racing as fast as my little feets would carry me, I’d dash to the TV, turn on the set, and wait for the telltale signal that the main tube was receiving heat, enough to force the electrons of the cathode and onto the phosphorus screen and eventually with enough energy to light up the screen.

Today it takes five seconds maybe and most of that is signals racing from our living room all over the US to the streaming service we have selected.  What would Mom and Dad say now if they saw a 90″ color TV with 300 channels (most garbage, however) and the ability to call for any movie ever made!

Enough memories!  I feel soo much better today, good enough to go out to eat somewhere!  We decided as we pulled out of the driveway. Our Italian place was closed, the Chinee place was overloaded, so it was Old Ranch!  We had an excellent visit and met an old friend from work at the same time!

Juan gave us the flyer for the annual Winter Wonderland brunch at Old Ranch which means we will be taking Joe, his family, and his inlaws to on the 8th of December.  It’s been a tradition now for eight wonderful years.  Loads of fun and a family tradition.

Six short years ago! We began in 2011 and it’s been a super time! We love Amy’s folks, real people!

We are now ready to go!  More fun this year because we get older and more things to do.  This year I want my face painted.  The boys said they would do it for free but they have to get the paint!  This could present a problem!

We picked up the annual invite

Returning home, we watched a couple of Hallmark movies and crashed around 10:30 PM as my illness gets worse at night and I am so tired of coughing.  Tomorrow will be better.

I have several chores to complete in the morning and Ms. Frye (our medicate PA) is coming to visit at 10:00 AM plus Melanie’s maybe on the docket if the illness gets better.

Those were the days!

Those were the days!


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