Medical Day… All Day!

Never lie to an X-ray technician. They can see right through you.

Progress… Sweet progress! The puzzle is coming together, but the darned green tree is a real pain in the pa-toot! No wonder Dave hated green (actually it was because green racing cars are unlucky according to him).

This morning something triggered me to think about growing up in the 1950s and by golly, this is so very, very true!

We got cleaned up early and headed to the hospital for the pre-op tests meaning x-rays, blood work, and EKG. It took a little over three hours, and we finally got out of the hospital about 1:00 PM. We were hungry and had a 3:00 PM physical therapy appointment, so Taco Surf was the answer as it was just a few blocks away!

We hurried through lunch, dropped by home, and then ran the maze ay Rossmoor Shops! They are paving the parking lot, and every day different parts are closed. It’s just like a maze.

While out and about, we got a text from Colleen (our youngest), and we were jealous.  She is in Hawaii with Mark. We hope they have a great time!!!

Look pretty nice!

Finally, we arrive home, and Sue is not doing well. She crashed and didn’t wake up until 6:30 PM, so we waived off the Phoenix Club. I called Bob to let him know what was up. I believe that we have too many medicines going on at the same time!

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