Hello Tuesday!

Vacation: A change of routine that makes you feel good enough to go back to work and poor enough to have to.

We got a text from our oldest daughter. Robin and family are in Alaska on a ten day cruise. Below they had just completed a tour of the Alaskan Rainforest Sanctuary where they saw bunches of bears feasting on salmon in a stream!

Nick, Robin, and Bob

We were going to have an international lunch…Chinese, Mexican, and Italian but decided to go Chinese again! Off to Panda Inn for a wonderful lunch and a couple of super drinks! We stopped by Cold Stone Creamery on the way home, naturally! Nummy nummy!

Returning home we did chores and watched some TV. we alternate a couple of episode of something and then do some chores. I repotted some houseplants into new larger containers.

While ordering some things on Amazon, I commented on sime of our purchases including thr orchid pot. People could not figue out how to keep the bard from going through thr holes…duh! I sent a picture…Sphagnum miss was the answer.

The moss fills the holes but the inside is filled with Douglas fir bark!

I piddled in the garage for a while and then headed in to watch TV. We just stafted Boston Legal and Private Practice…both seem funny!

At 11:00 PM I went to the garage and someting told me to watch out for spiders…thank goodness…right outside the sliding glass window was Mr. Spider waiting for me!

One UGLY sucker1

We crashed about 11:00 PM as I have a doctors appointment at 7:15 AM tomorrow!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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