Tooooosday; Time To Do Battle With Social Security

If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

The good old days!

Bright and early I called Social Security expecting to get a run around but I was amazed. They answered and stated it would be a 50 minute wait time…unhappy face! Then the recording said “If you like, press #1, say the magic word, stick your tongue out, turn around three times, and put your little foot out and we will call you back on this number as soon as we can!”.

So, needless to say I performed the instruction given to me without question. THEN, I noticed the blinds were open in the office…great show for the neighbors! Approximately an hour later, the call came in and zip…we were done!

Jonathan & Zack…. Your dogs should enjoy this!!!

I worked on the security system and added a camera to the front gate. I saw the postman cometh on the camera and I met him with a big smile…he is a nice guy and often comes in and picks our fruit…thank goodness! It takes a little while to set up our cameras as we have them tied to a non-interruptible power source so I must run a special power cable to each camera.

Nest Cam #8 reporting for duty!

I went to the market doing some very selective shopping. We rested so we could leave at 3:30 PM to go to the annual Taco Tuesday work reunion! We expect it to be small and indeed it was.

Marina Pacifica

Nice place to dine and party… close to “work”! George was first to show up and he came from the Baldwin Hills/Culver City area. George and I have a lot in common as we grew up in the same area of LA just a few years apart.

Paul, George, Sue, and Robin

George was a finance guy (we call them money-bags) with a speciality in IT. We knew George back in the day on the Shuttle Program and then Space Station. He grew up about two miles from me and six years behind me. We laugh a lot about back in “the day”. He has three kids and the guys are really handsome gentlemen. One is a financial advisor and the other a Maserati car salesman. He is the best babysitter in town according to his daughter!

The iPhone buzzed, a post from family for sure. It was from granddaughter Becca posting a Remy-Gram!

Nine months and already moving about the house with ease!

We returned home and watched TV hitting the post-tookie sack at 11:20 PM.

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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