Me And The Dentist…

If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

Today was “crown day” and thank goodness because the temporary decided to become dislodged again! I had forgotten it was crown day and I called Dr. Fleming to report my tooth ache and was greeted with “See you in 20 minutes”. OMG, I put on a clean sweat shirt and bolted out of the house landing in the Silver Ghost. South to PCH and east to Huntington Beach. 30 minutes later the crown was installed and I had an appointment with an endodontist for tomorrow at 3:00 PM.

Did You Know? General dentists can perform root canal procedures along with other dental procedures, but often they refer patients needing endodontic treatment to a specialized practice, who works in collaboration with your dentist. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in saving teeth.

I listened to the radio as I swerved and darted between slower cars in order to make the appointment. During one specific swerve, my hand hti the dial and the radio ended up on CNN. I listened for 7.45 seconds before the BS-Meter went into the red…must change channels.

The truth and only the truth!

Coming home I stopped by CVS to get a prescription and get a Tylenol-Motrin cocktail recommended by Dr. Fleming.

We had lunch attempting to clean out the refrigerator as we will be gone this weekend. Our son-in-law is going to stay at the house and keep and eye on it for us as we will be in Catalina.

We called Colleen, our youngest, on the bat-phone and spend half an hour were her and Calhan. Calhan gets real talkative when him sees his great grandma Sue. Colleen and I have no idea what they are saying but they talk back and forth a lot!

Calhan and great grandma Sue laughed and giggled a lot!

I watered the entire garden which took about two hours and examined the crops…the bush beans are ready to pick and we are about three weeks away from an avalanche of blackberries and boysenberries.

The text message of the day arrived…Sears is having a big sale on roll-around tool chests so I go one that was on sale, $150 off! It matches the one I already have so now I can put a sink-counter across the two of them and have a great ten-foot workbench!

This will be the new home for the power fools (battery and pneumatic)

Sue and I began to watch TV when we got a call from Mitch…seems his company was in need of his services this evening so we did not go to dinner as planned…perhaps tomorrow. Mitch is running a large segment of a Direct TV Franchise (about 12,000 commercial customers) and they were thrown a monkey wrench by their supplier. He is a master of workarounds.

Back to the TV…we are enjoying Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls. Someone told us to try “ER” so we are looking for that. I spent some time today deciding how to “cut the cord” and by golly, I am going to do it next week.

It amazed me, knowing a fair amount about antennas, that the advertisements say “HD” and “range” and a bunch of other nonsense in their description. An antenna is an antenna…it picks up signals whether it be HDTV or RTTY or plain old radio… Range? That depends upon how sensitive the TV receiver is for Pete’s sake…. Anyway, I am staying with Winegard as I have seen their products for 60 years! I am going to mount it on the chimney and point it north and all is well. Mount Wilson is about 30 miles directly north of us.

High on the house top it goes AND we can hang clothes from it if need be?

Random Memories:  I was licensed as WA6CJC in the late 1950’s.  In Jr and Sr High School, we would go on transmitter hunts. Transmitter hunting is an activity wherein participants use radio direction finding techniques to locate one or more radio transmitters hidden within a designated search area. This activity is most popular among amateur radio enthusiasts, and one organized sport variation is known as Amateur Radio Direction Finding. Other terms used to describe the activity include Radio-Orienteering, T-hunting, Fox Hunting, Bunny Hunting, and Bunny Chasing.

Ok..It’s me 60+ years ago… this is an antenna which we put in the back windows of a 53 Chevy… we turned it manually to determine which direction to drive!  It was for a single frequency (144 MHz) whereas the TV antenna have to cover everything from 75 Mhz through 6– Mhz.

We drove all over Hollywood looking for the hidden transmitter….We did find it, along with many others, and we got to have coffee with the girls (and the eight guys who latched onto them!).  The redheads name was Judy and she worked at Dad’s dime store…she was a cutie but too old for me.

Ed and I could not figure out why we so popular with the guys that evening…. NOW we understand!

We watched TV, did the tookie-thing, and crashed. Tomorrow is busy and supposedly wet!

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