Always Busy…A Good Thing

If 1 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea does that mean that 4 enjoy it?

…for Friday is just round the corner!

It’s AB-1 (Avalon Ball -1) so by definition it is a busy day. Getting the cleaned tux, finding the hardware, charging all that needs charging, getting the portable chargers ready to go, packing, banking, etc. We also got two sit-down tables for our party, last minute cancellations!

Donna, Bob and Sue leaving the movie theater Friday night

Memories:  Donna, Bob, Sue, and I always travel together…self protection perhaps.  This night, ten years ago, we went to the Avalon Casino Theater…built in the 1930’s, it has terrific acoustics.  That evening was amazing as we had the large pipe organ playing music of the 1930’s and then the movie began…Star Trek.  It was interesting to look around and see seventy years in the pasat and watch the silver screen displaying hundreds of years int he future.

It’s was raining today…well, this morning…OK, we got 0.2″ but in May? May is usually dry and about six degrees warmer…darn that Global Warming!

Time for a swim???

I have decided I need to get my sense of humor adjusted because I found this hilarious and sent it to my son and grandsons!

Us dog lovers understand!!!

I ran up to the bank, in the car, and the cleaners go get the essentials for the trip and then we decided lunch was in our near future. We went to CPK and, as usual, it was quite good. The bartender waits on us because we always get table #40 which is at the end of the bar…the quietest place in the restaurant. He knows we tip well so he makes a point of serving us. The caesar salad with chicken was super. Sue did a veggie pizza and soup. We splurged and did dessert also!

I had a root canal at 2:30 PM, lucky me! Well, the lucky part is that the doctor is super…as close to painless as can be and I get to go to Catalina pain free! YEAH! He had to work a bit so I departed about 4:30 PM and decided not to go to the Phoenix Club this evening.

Oh dear…. I already talk funny!

Returning home we did some chores and answered the email…we got two reserved tables on the first level of the Avalon Ballroom. We tried getting them earlier but they were sold out. That will not happen again! Yeah! Now all ten of us can sit down and drink out champagne as the evening unveils itself.

Last thought of the evening…

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