The Sacred Weekend Has Arrived!

If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn’t it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners depressed?

An adventure back in time

It’s that day…the day of our our annual pilgrimage to the holy island where we pay homage to the God’s of the Dance! Yes, we begin our sacred journey with 2,000 horses beneath us parting the sea with a mighty roar. Gliding over the water, drinking of the sacrificial wine (and occasional stronger libations) we peer westward toward the Sacred Island looking for signs of the holy temple sometimes called The Casino.

Much like it’s associate, Brigadoon, the Holy Island appears to us once a year!

The journey is very meaningful for those of us of the faith even though it lasts for a mere 65 minutes filled with indescribable dangers. Today was especially dangerous as the God’s Of Dance provided “small boat warnings” in the channel. We apparently did NOT drink enough sacrificial wine to satisfy the Wave Gods and they showed their anger by lashing our trusty steed with mountainous waves of frigid seawater.

Not to be deterred, and to develop the storyline, I swam out 50 feet from our trusty (oops, rusty) transportation and snapped this historic image…soon to become a sacred relic of the 17th annual rite of passage to the Sacred Island and Holy Temple Of Dance.

Women and children (plus and Bob) cried at the fury let loose on us this day!

An hour into our adventure, we spotted the Sacred Island and the Holy Temple OF Dance, sometimes referred to as “The Casino” where on Saturday night, should we make it to the island alive, we pay homage by dancing uncontrollably and moving rhythmically to the heavenly angelic music of yesteryear.

Our destiny awaits us high atop the Temple of Dance!

The God’s of Dance apparently like us as our mighty steed pulled into the islands anti-room (sometimes referred to as “dock”) where we debark onto the Sacred Island to make our way to the Pilgrims Holding Facility (sometimes called The Villa Portofino Inn), the magical home for wondering pilgrams and host to us for the past seventeen years!

Once we arrived, we sallied forth trading our hard earned alms for nightly protection from the elephants (oops, I meant elements) at the Pilgrims Holding Facility.

Of course, the trek, the dangers, and the threats of pirates made us all thirsty so Bob and I mounted a small expedition to the Fountain Of Delights (sometimes called Vons Market) where we traded more alms for such delicacies as cheese, Brussel sprouts, onion dip, chips, and of course sacred beer and wine!

To The Fountain Of Delights
Many of the pilgrims joined us in this sacred endeavor…depleting the alcoholic inventory is a necessity we must try to endure…and endure we did…Hic!! Burp! Belch!

We celebrated on the roof top of the Pilgrims Holding Facility after the long trek up the mountain(three flights of stairs) carrying the much needed supplies!

From 3:00 PM until about 6:00 PM we regaled in stories of previous pilgrimages to the sacred island inventing new events that never happened! At 6:00 PM, the sacred bells rang forth from atop the mountain meaning it was time to dine.

We walked… Some pranced…It was difficult to tell the difference

We all decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo again thinking that meant honoring the five dances of May we plan for tomorrows celebration. We trekked down the mountain path (stairs) from the roof top to the Path Of The Commoners (Main Street) carefully heading to Maggie’s Blue Rose for much needed food and liquid encouragement.

On our way, we visit the Sacred Air & Space Museum wondering around admiring the air and the space.

MAggie’s got a little wild but we understood the High Priest was NOT on duty this evening so….

menu said “We served the freshest meat on the island”….Ron got as little excited…Bob survived
Holy water flowed…well, like Holy Water…Only AFTER THE FACT (and courtesy of the local police department) did we find out it was really tequila. Hic! Burp!

The long day of fighting dragons, battling the seas, walking up and down the mountain paths many times left Sue and I exhausted so we returned to our chamber and watched a movie on the magic box. We needed our strength for tomorrows big events… The Green Field Homage Trek and later yearly celebration at the Temple of Dance! We put two pillows on top of the phone hoping to avoid embarrassing calls asking for alms to bail out the others.

Our sacrifice to the Gods Of The Dance was not having our tookies tonight…it was a tookieless evening.

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