The Week Begins Anew And We Be Ready!

Dr.’s are saying not to worry about the bird flu because it’s tweetable!

It’s tax day but we cheated fate and got our taxes in the first week of February…got a really nice refund a few weeks later…first time we did it so early but we are going to keep doing the same! from now on!

We tried it… doesn’t work!

Holy Mackerel…did I have a dream or what! At 6:30 AM, me and the neighborhood roosters awoke but I was smart and laid back down. Usually once a week I manage to get up on the fence, crow my song, flap my jammies that has pitures of chickens on them and await the neighbors wrath. For all that effort, the neighbors yell “Go to sleep you __________” (the blank can be filled in with various obcenities) and they throw shoes and other valuable objects in my direction. A week ago I got a nice pair of older US Keds tennis shoes, suitable for a histry museum.

Finally I woke up at 8:00 AM after an amazing dream which I still recall this late in the day….OMG, maybe it was real!

Dream Summary: Sue and I were at Disneyland  with two others and got onto a small  boat…four of us…as we went down the slide when hit a gate, smashed it open, went through a long dark tunnel and ended up in a “Venice like” canal across the street from Disneyland.  I recognized Katella.

We met some odd people living along the canal.  We told them we were lost and needed to call Disneyland in order to get back inside  A black lady was so kind, she invited us in her home, showed us the phone, and she departed  for work trusting us!  We got hold of a Disney executive via 911 and explained what happened.  It took a long time to explain the situation.  He said just to wait and he would find us.  We visited the lady’s neighbors who were also quite nice.  As we head some people coming through the tunnel, we straightened up the phone cord carefully, left some movey for the phone call, and departed for the boat. All of a sudden, Disneyland employees wearing uniforms and roller skates took us and the boat back under Katella into Disneyland and we finished the ride. 

What the heck did I eat last night?

Ain’t it the truth!

Random Memories:  Growing up we had a creek, it was called La Balona and was for rain runoff from LA.  It was cemented in right by out house but a mile away, just before MGM Studios back lot, it was a real creek.  Me and Bob Coomler and many other explored the creek for years walking all the way through Culver City along its edges.  We spent hours and hours looking for treasure!

Today it is all underground and the chances to explore have faded into history…too bad, the city boys will never get to explore like we used too!

OMG, back to reality! Sue had medical tests to do this morning so we can see the Urologist on Thursday.

Then we were off to get a kidney X-ray…went like a charm except for the 45 minute wait. The X-Ray took 5 minutes and we were outta there…the x-rays were electronically send over to the doctor.

Sue also had to take the urine test but because of last week, she did not get to study for the urine test, so…being the brave husband I am..I took the test for her! As she departed she wondered why they have her a baseball bat, small frog, and a Motorcycle World magazine…go figure!

We were hungry so Taco Surf was closest and got our undivided vote.

Super good food and great wait staff!

Did You Know?  Surf Taco is a chain of Mexican-Californian cuisine-style restaurants located primarily in the Jersey Shore area. The food served is also described as Coastal Cuisine.  It was founded by Robert Nagel, Richard Hernon SR , Bill Bruno, and Ed Pierce in 2001.  There are presently ten restaurants.

Main categories of food include: tacos, burritos, wraps, smoothies, salads, quesadillas, side kicks (extra chips and salsa, chicken fingers, etc.), and “tsunamis” which are oversized burritos of grilled chicken, rice, beans, jack & cheddar cheeses, lettuce, sour cream, & salsa wrapped in two extra large flour tortillas, served wet topped with guacamole, sour cream & Pico de Gallo.

In 2009, the New York Times called the food “cross-generationally irresistible”.

We had a great meal and a dinky-poo…my burrito was huge and it forced me to take a nap! But, before the nap I went to ABC Pools, located across from Taco Surf, and ordered a multi-coolored high power LED light for our swimming pool…less cost to run, more lifetime, and fun!

Smart Girl… She took the burrito home!

Returning home we both were full to the brim and decided the Sandman needed to pay us a visit. The Sandman is a mythical character in Western and Northern European folklore who puts people to sleep and brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of people while they sleep at night (or take a nap if you are old like us!!)

On the way home Sue spotted a magnificent tree and I stopped right in the middle of the street, pulled out the trusty iPhone and shot it! It was stunning but check under the tree…soon they will have a pink yard!

Click the image to see the full sized picture… Just amazing!

We were up from our nap and ready to go at 5:00 PM and headed to Melanies were we met up with Miss Irene. We recapped the week, solved a few of the worlds problems, discussed our join social calendar, shared some great memories, and observed ol’ Sol dive into the western ocean. She is such a delightful person, albeit a bit of a liberal, she is still “OK” in our books!

The sunset, as sunsets go, was not spectacular but still pretty to watch and one can almost hear the sizzle when the sun hits the western waters!

See you in the morning Sol!

We saw several Grey Egrets walking along the dock. Look carefully… one is in this photo but you really have to look long and hard! Seeing the Egrets reminded us of an old Sinatra Song…

Sinatra has a song for everything!

Returning home, I installed two more colored LED lights and now have five installed…three more to go and all will be well. I have scenes established… I can say “Alexa, Christmas scene” and the house turns red and green or “St Patricks scene” and house turns many shades of green! We are now officially ready for Easter eggs on Saturday!

Available on the iPhone from anywhere! Love our toys!

The rest of the week is pretty much normal although we are having a house guest for a few days…the biggest event is coloring the Easter eggs with family and friends.

We love our family and the get togethers are always special!

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