The Calendar Is Empty…So Far

“As a kid I was made to walk the plank. We couldn’t afford a dog.”

We would be a better society if we followed these suggestions!

Out into the garden I bounded with great energy, camera in hand to capture all the excitement. Well, to my dismay, all was quiet and the sky was filled with potential rain clouds. I snapped a couple of photos and ran back in the house to get warm! It’s April and 50 degrees in the early morning!

The entire east wall is covered in raspberries, Blackberries, and Boysenberries!
The crops are doing well and my raised garden design is perfect for me…I can sit, drink my coffee, talk to the plants, and pull weeds without getting off my tukas!

I was going to walk this morning but alas, between the weather and my need to get the house ready for our visitor kept me around the house and away form the sidewalks!

Gotta get back to walking every morning1

The day was filled with preparations for the upcoming weekend. We have a visitor coming and wanted to make sure everything was ready! We did the bedding and went shopping for additional bedding including a new blanket and sheet sets.

While at BB&B, I went shopping at the market. While I was gone, Sue hard boiled 48 eggs meaning a lot of decorating is going to be going on. While at the market, I saw some teenie tiny bananas and could not pass them up. They are about three inches long and taste pretty good1

Choices and decisions…the market is virtual nightmare sometimes. I went yesterday for bags, got the wrong ones. Today, I tried again…I took a picture and studied it before making the final selection!

Guess we ought be happy…Could be a socialist country and we would have one choice, one size, and hope they would have them available!

I set up the computer to play something to watch/listen to while I was fixing up the middle bedroom and it turned out to be Candace Owens and Larry Elder. I have been listening to Larry for 20+ years, a great guy! Candace is quite an amazing woman. Please enjoy what they have to say about todays goings on.

The Candace Owens Show:

Larry Elder, host of “The Larry Elder Show,” joins Candace Owens for a discussion on race relations, the little-known history of the Democratic Party, why the Black community plays the victim card, and much more. Don’t miss this powerful episode!

Posted by PragerU on Sunday, April 14, 2019

In the afternoon, Sue read and I puttered around the house getting things ready. I played with the computer a bit. We are always surprised by the folks that have zero computer knowledge.

What can we say???

We stayed home the rest of the day, watched some TV, I added some additional colored LED lights to the house and we crashed about midnight.

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