An Interesting Way To Wake Up!

I sleep eight hours a day and at least ten at night!

Minding my own business, I sits down to the computer an innocently open up Messages only to find a “Vicky Gram”. What is a “Vicky Gram”, you ask? They are strange messages from our dear next door neighbor. So, what was I greeted with this morning?

“I need to photograph a vaccination’s scar on a white guy as there is a bet between my nephew and my sister. It is worth one month of doing the dishes if he is incorrect as his contention is that the only people that have that scar were people born in Mexico.”

So, now Sue and I are examining ourselves and discussing when we got our vaccinations! I know it was in elementary school about the first or second grade as I vaguely recall. It was a smallpox vaccination! Those types were stopped in 1972. Everybody got them and they were visible for years and years! Mine was never that visible.

The size of the scar depends on the amount of inflammation caused by the person’s immune response and the person’s healing ability. People with a tendency to scar or form keloids tend to be those with the most obvious scars. The upper arm was the landing place for the permanent mark!

Later today I plan to take my arm over to Vicky’s and offer it for inspection!

Time for a walk! Today I did four miles with very little pain! Feels good to be up and at em’ again! I took a couple of snaps around the front yard which revealed some interesting things.

Looks like snow on the ground around the trees

The white on the lefthand side is the trunk of the lime tree that I painted white to protect it from the sun. (The lime tree was planted especially for Pete who enjoyed a lime in his beer). The blossoms just coat the years and underneath the orange trees are solid white.

If each blossom turns out ot be a plum, we are going to be making pies!

The grapes down the driveway and in the back yard are coming on strong. The plants got a good dose of concentrated fish fertilizer right on time this year and it shows…the limbs and baby grapes are growing quickly meaning I have to go trim them within the next two weeks.

Right in the center are baby grapes which were just born!

Off I go like a shot…some call me “the denim streak”…not to be confused with streaker!

Walking is so much “fun”…I jut enjoy being outside, seeing the great sights in the hood, visiting the neighborhood doggies, and seeing what have come to be friends. Today the target was Staples as I wanted some pentaflex folder computer labels to update my filing system.

Happy Birthday Joe! Our son is 48 today…almost half a century! Wow! That’s older than dirt! We met Joe and Amy plus Charlie and Alex at our local Chinese Restaurant. We seem to just click.

Hard to believe I was 48 once…Now I am working on twice that!
We love the Panda Inn as the wait-staff now knows us very well and the food quality is first class! We have our drinks in hand by the time we sit down!

The Panda Inn is where we go on Christmas Day to celebrate with “the empty nesters”…we take the entire bar area from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM and had done this for years now!

We arrived a little early as we tried a new recommended route.

Much to choose from! Lunch for the rest of the week!

We heard the commotion and knew Charlie and Alex were nearby! We were happy to see them as I needed to delivery five pounds of Jolly Roger hard candy to them…I made a mis order and got the regular one when I really wanted sugar free. We got Amy’s “OK” ahead of time!

We had a super evening…Laughs and giggles for hours!

Joe said that Mitch, Jon, Colleen, Michele, Robin, Lisa & Pete, and Greg had called or texted to wish him a happy birthday…I love my considerate family.

“Alex the Ham” steals the show! Charlie watches with care!

Joe and I got so tickled one time, we darned near fell off our chairs. Our senses of humor are so identical. The girls thought this was pretty funny!

Miss Amy must have been thinking “This is what I have to look forward too”?

We had plenty of food and everyone took some home! It is so nice to be with Joe’s family…just really nice plus we really like Amy’s folks…they would have joined us but had a previous arrangement and could not make it!

We headed home about 8:30 PM and arrived with a challenge…finish the puzzle.

Always watch out for large areas like the green rug….

We watched TV for about two hours and crashed as tomorrow is a big day! Since Sue is going to be in the hospital, I decided to make a pot of beans so I began soaking them around 10:00 PM so they will be ready y morning!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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