Today Is The Day… Aneurism Be Gone!

A couple years ago my therapist told me I had problems letting go of the past.

We departed our house at 10:00 AM for Long Beach Memorial Hospital to check in at 11:00 AM for a 1:00 PM procedure.

A great hospital! Close to home!

We are quite confident in the doctor and procedure although it is mind boggling to think about a small tube being inserted in the groin and moved inside the arteries all the way into the brain and it has a camera plus a coil dispersement mechanism on the end. Wow! Just plain and simple Wow!

We headed to Memorial at 10:15 AM arriving just in time to wait 45 minutes! Duh! Robin joined us and just after Sue went into the prep-area, Irene joined us. I was blessed with great company all afternoon.

The Doc came out about 1:00 PM and said the operation he was doing would not start until 2:00 PM and it would take at least two hours. We took a vote and decied to go to El Torito, just down the street on Atlantic.

A delightful respit from the waiting room in the hospital

We had a great lunch and I was no nervous I fell (no shoved myself) off my diet and had the Macho Combo! (Four of their most popular items on one platter: a fire-roasted pasilla chile relleno, a chicken and sour cream enchilada, a beef barbacoa crispy taco and a hand-made chicken tamale. Served with refried beans and rice). We shared a guacamole (Fresh avocados, spicy serrano chiles and a special blend of herbs and spices.) It’s 11:00 PM now and I am still stuffed. We returned to the hospital in about an hour after a short visit to Irene’s home which was very close.

soooooo good! Burp!

The Doc came out about 5:00 PM and told us she was fine and that we could see her in about twenty minutes. Robin and I went up stairs…Irene headed home. We visited her and the first thing out of her mouth was “I want to go home!”.

Well…we knew better. She had to lay “flat” for at least six hours and could not move her leg until the groin wound began to heal. She was fit to be tied so we did NOT stay very long…perhaps 45 minutes before going home. My poor ol’ iPhone was in overdrive as the calls and texts came in by the bags full. East coast, mid-west, all over California. Most all our kids and older grandkids called during the day and got the word via text/emails/phone. I guess every family has it’s own problems…but majority rules and we had a large majority.

It’s now 1:00 AM and I am beat…I spent three hours in the kitchen doing search and destroy…we needed more room and “stuff” had to go. We are now down to a life times supply of hot sauce instead of six life times! The Boost and Ensure from Sue’s stay in the hospital are now gone. We have room! Yeah!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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