Be Toosday…We Are Marching Toward Tomorrow!

I’m great at multitasking. I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once!

OK, where did all the warm go? 82 yesterday and 67 today as the “highs”…b-r-r-r-r-r-r-r.

On line shopping is the best. I looked at my on-line history and we ordered 243 items from Amazon in 2018 and about 147 in the past six months alone. Everything from shampoo to fruit tree fertilizer, computers to double-sided scotch tape. Wow!

Last Monday I had a salad and I asked for extra anchovies… I love anchovies. They wre so good I asked the chef what kind they were Ortiz made in Spain. Of source, after arriving at home, I proceeded to Amazon and ordered them on-line…two days later I had em’.

Perhaps a bit pricey but they were so so good!

I be off to the dentist for a root canal…oh joy! Our doctor is pretty darn good, a little pricey but no pain…worth it. He has all the latest equipment and when he takes an x-ray, counts to three, and it pops up on the 80″ TV screen in front me I damned near applaud and request an encore.

Not only do digital x-rays expose patients and staff to up to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays, they also have the following additional benefits: They are better for the environment because they don’t require developing. They can be viewed on a computer monitor within seconds of taking the image.

The cost effectiveness of a digital X-ray versus a traditional one is due to the fact that film is costly. … However with digital X-rays, the image does not lose its quality. The digital image can also be easily resized to a larger image without any distortion or loss of quality.J

I spent $1,500 for the following 30 minute view of the ceiling. You would think I could get a topless beach in Tahiti or something for $3,000 and hour! Oh well…it’s over with now. No pain…of course, the six Gin & Tonics helped!

We are in Huntington Beach, near the water, and all I see is drills and lights and x-ray stuff!

We called “The Weasel” ahead of his birthday just to make sure he knows we are thinking of him. He and Sarah are coming out to visit us as we are so looking forward to the visit. Amazing what 29 years can bring. We are so proud of him! Wish he were in California.

Seems like 30 years ago we were holding him in our arms….oh, it was 30 years ago!

On a recent visit, we went to Disneyland and decided to ride the Rivers of the World. Jon decided to escort his grandma in case she was attacked by a wild beast! Jon could take on an elephant or gator residing in them there parts..and probably have them for lunch while he is at it!

Jon and his grandma at Disneyland two years ago!

I should remind everyone that “The Weasel” is a term of absolute endearment! He spent a lot of time with us growing up and after his nightly bath, we would bring out the jack in the box and he would crank it! When it popped out he would yell “Pop goes the weasel”. We all laughed so hard it hurt!

Did You Know? In the early 1500s, the first Jack in the Box was made by a German Clock-maker known as Claus. Claus built a wooden box, with metal edges and a handle that would pop out a cartoon devil or “Jack” after cranking the handle. It was built as a gift for a local prince’s fifth birthday. After seeing this toy, other Nobles requested their own “Devil’s-in-a-box” for their children. 

In the early 18th century, improved toy mechanisms made the Jack-in-the-box more widely available for all children and not just royalty.

Originally, the jack-in-the-box was made out of wood, but with new technology the toy could be constructed from printed cardboard.  Around the 1930s, the jack-in-the-box became a wind up toy made from tin. Additionally, the tin boxes began to be covered in images from children’s nursery rhymes with corresponding tunes.

Laugh laugh laugh!

We took it easy in the afternoon…didn’t even need an aspirin so the procedure went well. I decided a nap would be a good thing and then we worked on the puzzle.

In the middle of finding a difficult piece our daughter, Robin, called on the Alexa Show and we talked for 30 minutes sharing what was happening. She also called Becca and Zack to check on Becca’s beak. Robin is going to join us for lunch on Thursday. In the middle of the conversation, Bob and Nick joined in…great fun!

Random Thoughts: We love having family and our kids are fantastic!  Robin, Michele, Joe, and Colleen are fantastic…we love getting calls from them checking in with us.  The older grandkids, with their families, also super.  Always hoped it would be like this and it is…thanks to my beautiful bride!

Before we turned on the TV, I gazed into the mirror…oh dear, the root canal took its toll. I was startled.

We watched TV and had our tookies, and hit the sack around 11:30 PM. Tonight we went back to CBS and did two recent episodes of “Blue Bloods”…great show with real family values!

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