Another “Hump Day” Is Upon Us! Jon Celebrates THIRTY!

I am so confused,,, My reality check bounced!

We Alexa’ed with Lisa this morning, like we usually do and we spotted balloons in the background floating around the kitchen. Apparently Pete’s friends sent balloons celebrating his “Employee Of The Year” award from his company.

We then talked to Robin and made lunch arrangements for Thursday. Then Colleen called…she is also celebrating Jon’s 30th birthday. Hard to think your baby daughter has a son 30 years old…damn, how old am I.

With colleen you get egg rolls…we got to talk and visit with Logann and Calhan. Logann now knows “Pop-Pop” and GramSue…she is a pistol! Calhan just bounces off the walls..typical boy!

After the calls I gazed at the puzzle with amazement…Sue has been hard at work. She just can put it all together making it look so easy. I leave the table cross-eyed and she is still there picking, what seem to be, random pieces out if a pile and inserting them into the puzzle! Amazing!

Our cleaning people are coming today which means we must clean the house before they get here…go figure! All clean… let’s depart for the Royal Khyber for lunch with the Finch’s.

I introduced Brian to Lamb Vindaloo! Hot time in the old tummy tonight!

We had a super meal and we sat around and gabbed for two solid hours. Every time I get Brian telling stories, we laugh ourselves silly.

So it seems our hero, in his childhood, loved to go to the beach and when you see firewood at the beach, what do you do? Well…listen in!

Brian plays with matches

So Brian had some interesting friends…one in particular like driving his truck but in ol’ England, one must watch out for older building. List to Brian’s description of this event…

Only a friend of Brian could destroy a 200 year old wall!

After returning home we remembered we were supposed to have dinner with Mitch so we met him at the local Mexican Restaurant. I snapped a picture of Sue while we were waiting to leave for dinner. She is quite relaxed!

About to head out for meal #2 of the day… We are so stuffed from lunch!

While waiting to be seated, he mentioned he had a late lunch and was not all that hungry! We told Mitch the same thing! SOLUTION! We went next door to Patty’s Place and had a drink and a snack…snack if you called bacon wrapped prawns a snack! We visited our favorite bartender and shared stories and got caught up on everything!

We had a great time with Mitch and confirmed our next few meetings…including Easter Egg coloring! We returned home to see a great sunset before we pull into the garage.

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