Turdsday… The Week Be Almost Gone!

Cults make perfect sense. Do you know how hard it is to make friends as an adult?

I viciously attacked the puzzle from Hades again and made some headway… after an hour I decided to go outside and allow my bride to finish it off. She struggled and got three pieces so we called it progress.

Work in the yard is never finished. Since it is trash day tomorrow, I got all the fallen citrus rounded up and marched them into the trash can. Further, I made sure everything was battened down for the rain storm we expect Saturday and next week!

Another 1.5 inches is on it’s way!

Now…lunch time! Sue did some leftovers and I finished of the ham, bacon, and eggs! Looks like a lot but it was only 800 calories. I needed no food the remainder of the day!

Back to the yard work…yard work is never done. Our apple tree, located in the parkway, is sporting a mess of tiny pink and red blossoms so it is hit to hit it with fertilizer but the ground around the base needed to be loosened. I tried it manually but the ol’ arm was giving me fits so I drug out the rototiller! It made quick work of the hard soil.

I added several cups of tree fertilizer around the based, rototilled it in, and then gave it a good drink of water! We hope the little blossoms become nice big apples!

After a few hours of work, I came inside and we watched some TV before cleaning up and heading to the Phoenix Club for dancing. We met up with Bob and Donna and had a great time dancing to about 40% of the music. Every month Sue gets stronger and our dancing increases.

Random Memories:  I was really a lucky kid.  My Dad could build anything and while many kids in the hood had their soapbox racers or gas powered gimmicks, Dad went to work and came up with a real car for me.  Powered by a Briggs 4 HP engine, this rascal could move.  Dad designed the clutch system and brakes. 

That’s me driving and Dad throttling the engine so it would not fly too fast.  The lever in my left hand would engage the clutch if pushed forward and engage the brakes if pulled back!  I drove this little guys all over the hood for years…it even went in the ol’ station wagon to the desert where I put on 100 miles!

My Dad was one of a kind!

Dad gives me final instructions before I take off on an adventure

We returned home as we heard the faint sound of “tookies” calling us. We made it until 11:00 AM before crashing. Life is indeed good!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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