The Weekend Is On It’s Way

Indeed! Early to bed, early to rise makes people suspicious.

Lie is good and Sue had punched the Cold Bug right in the chops.. No sneezing or coughing today. Just a little tired!  The bug didn’t know what to think!

Ugly bugger but he is on the run now!

I headed to the hardware store, CVS, and the wine store to get supplies.  Now that I joined CVS, I get notifications and its zip in/out at the pharmacy.  At Lowe’s I was after 2″x2″ but alas, I could not find them, guess it is Home Depot tomorrow.  The wine store was easy…we know each other well.

I was planning some additional shopping at Lowe’s but our plumber called and said he wanted to come early.  We have a double shower in the master bath and one of the valves ceased to regulate the temperature after running for a few minutes.  I have put up with it for months but I am done.  The Family plumber came by and he knew instantly what it was.  The old Gohen mixing valve has died and he suggested using a Moen mixing valve, he said “they are bullet proof”.  Problem is it takes several hours to fix one so he plans to send two plumbers over and knock the job off in one day.  He will send a jaw dropping estimate tomorrow morning.  Until it is fixed, I use my shower control until it goes cold and move to Sue’s end of the shower to finish the job…ah, life of a home owner!

Why did it die after only 20 years in the wall???

I worked in the garden for two hours in the heat of the afternoon…all the tomatoes are gone, eggplant is picked, and the grapes are trimmed and tied up for their wintertime rest!  I found three watermelons so we will try them in the morning!

Filled two 100 gallon trash cans with stuff!

It is so nice to have the “shop” in order.  Today I had to fix a hinge on the side door to the garage and within 20 seconds I had my Makita drill in hand, three replacement #10×2″ wood screws at the ready and the job was completed in less than 5 minutes. Last year it would have taken an hour to find the screws, located the drill, find the proper screw drivers, etc. Love it!

Everything within fix feet of my hydraulic shop chair!

And…everything is on wheels so when I need to clean the floor, I move things around and hit it with the hose!

Tools in the proper drawers, portable radio complete with rechargeable batteries, and a place for everything!

This evening, no Phoenix club…sad face.  We decided it better to stay home and assure the cold bug stays gone since the operation/surgery is Monday morning bright and early!

See the operation explanation…it’s OK, no blood, animated. It is quite amazing what medical science is doing and they have been doing this operation for 40 years!

No blood — easy to watch!

So we watched TV for a while.  After Sue hit the sack, I went to YouTube and watched an episode of Amos n’ Andy.  This time Sapphire goes to a party where George (Kingfish) gets a little frisky with the ladies!  Note – the video is a bit “fuzzy” but remember, it was recorded in kinescope from the original done in 1952. 

Did You Know? Kinescope, also known as telerecording in Britain, is a recording of a television program on motion picture film, directly through a lens focused on the screen of a video monitor. The process was pioneered during the 1940s for the preservation, re-broadcasting and sale of television programs before the use of commercial broadcast-quality videotape became prevalent for these purposes.

Typically, the term can refer to the process itself, the equipment used for the procedure (a 16 mm or 35 mm movie camera mounted in front of a video monitor, and synchronized to the monitor’s scanning rate), or a film made using the process. Kinescopes were the only practical way to preserve live television broadcasts prior to the introduction of videotape in 1956. A small number of theatrically released feature films have also been produced as kinescopes.[citation needed]

The term kinescope originally referred to the cathode ray tube used in television receivers, as named by inventor Vladimir K. Zworykin in 1929. Hence, the recordings were known in full as kinescope films or kinescope recordings. RCA was granted a trademark for the term (for its cathode ray tube) in 1932; it voluntarily released the term to the public domain in 1950.

We had our tookies tonight and crashed at 11:30 PM.

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