DO NOT Pay The Ransom; She Escaped!

When I Saw Sue This Morning I Said: “Can I take your temperature? You’re looking hot today.”

Retired 4,200 days today!  Yeah us!!

I started collecting the wrist bands on Saturday…wished I had thought about it earlier!  I could be dressed for Halloween!

I was decorated by mid week!!

Dr. O’Neil (Cardiologist) read the EKG and decided no ultrasound needed…the EKG from last night was bad probably due to a bad or misplaced sensor…she can go home this morning…so we thought!

The carotid artery surgeon came by first… Dr Simon Rayhamabad said OK to go home, take it easy, and he will call with a time/date for the carotid surgery!  One down-one to go!

Soon there after, Dr Rayhaun, the neurosurgeon (and Rayhamabad’s brother!!!) came in and said as soon after the carotid is complete, call his office for the brain aneurism procedure – placing a coil of wire inside the aneurism to prevent bursting.

I am getting old… Drs Rayhaun and Rayhamabad kinda look alike but when they came in they had different things to tell us… I was so confused who was who for three days!  Then, our dear nurse, Cecille, told me the secret…they are brothers… One uses the family name and the other another name from the same family (It’s an Iranian thing???)  So…now I have the magic decoder ring.

Did You Know?  Endovascular coiling is a minimally invasive technique, which means an incision in the skull is not required to treat the brain aneurysm. Rather, a catheter is used to reach the aneurysm in the brain.

During endovascular coiling, a catheter is passed through the groin up into the artery containing the aneurysm. Platinum coils are then released. The coils induce clotting (embolization) of the aneurysm and, in this way, prevent blood from getting into it.

A microcatheter is inserted through the initial catheter. The coil is attached to the microcatheter. When the microcatheter has reached the aneurysm and has been inserted into the aneurysm, an electrical current is used to separate the coil from the catheter. The coil seals off the opening of the aneurysm. The coil is left in place permanently in the aneurysm. Depending on the size of the aneurysm, more than one coil may be needed to completely seal off the aneurysm.

The coils used in this procedure are made of soft platinum metal, and are shaped like a spring. These coils are very small and thin, ranging in size from about twice the width of a human hair (largest) to less than one hair’s width (smallest).

Fluoroscopy (a special type of x-ray, similar to an x-ray “movie”) aids in this procedure. The catheter, which is inserted into an artery in the groin, is guided by a small wire inside of the catheter along the length of the blood vessel to reach the area of the aneurysm. The physician uses fluoroscopy to guide the catheter to the aneurysm’s location in the brain.

So, we have a forward plan!  We headed home finally about 4:30PM after all the doctors signed off on the treatment plan, got out mandatory pills called in to the pharmacy and we came home.

I got a lot of time just to sit and think in the hospital, so I came up with a plan to solve an age old mystery!

Our son (in law) stopped by to visit us.  Mitch is a good guy just getting his lift back together and returning to the guy we knew…great to have him back!

We went out after Mitch departed and headed to the pharmacy to get the prescriptions and get Sue her flu shot (I got mine earlier).  We of course had our tookies at 10:30 PM watched Gilmore Girls (four episodes).

Our son called as Joe always keeps up with our medical adventures.  I told him I watch Gilmore Girls thinking he would rib me about it and come to find out, he also likes Gilmore Girls…I raised two good ones.   I am sure Colleen likes the show also!

Great cast…I kinda like Paris!

We crashed at 11:45 PM and I finally got a good nights sleep…six hours uninterrupted!  I really missed my bride when she was gone in the hospital!

I checked my email before going to bed…Love to see Zack and Remy together…Remy is two weeks old now!

Our Great Grandson taking a break from a hard day resting!

I missed walking so when I put my watch up for the evening by putting it in the charger, I did do some!

A mile is better than nothing!

Tomorrow is the cleaning people and then Diane is coming to visit over the weekend. We will miss Topper’s but thats all we can do right now!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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