Gardening & Dance Day

A Teachable Moment! The hula dance is simple: you put some grass on one hip, some more grass on the other hip, and then you rotate the crops.

Bright and early Paul donned the walking shoes and headed out across the badlands of Rossmoor headed to Rite Aid Pharmacy to buy the only item on the shopping list – Ecotrin asprin.  After returning and reviewing the pedometer, Paul found out he has done over 620 miles…130 to go!

Examining my pedometer reveals 630 miles and almost 1.6 million steps since October PLUS, of all the pedometer users, Paul is in the 80th percentile!  This does NOT count the post walk walking which is probably another 50% dince Paul works in the yard a lot!

As usual, Paul has the camera at the ready.  The Crepe Myrtle trees are beautiful this time of year.  The bark is so very smooth and peals off in easy layers!

We have these all over town

Did You Know? Lagerstroemia, commonly known as crape myrtle or crepe myrtle, is a genus of around 50 species of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs native to the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asia, northern Australia, and parts of Oceania, cultivated in warmer climates around the world. It is a member of the family Lythraceae, which are also known as the loosestrife family. The genus is named after the Swedish merchant Magnus von Lagerström, a director of the Swedish East India Company who supplied Carl Linnaeus with plants he collected. These flowering trees are beautifully colored and are often planted both privately and commercially as ornamentals.

As we mentioned, our new leaf blower keeps the entrance path free of debris as Paul  uses it twice a day for about 15 seconds…that’s all it takes!  No cords and variable speed…the leaves in the corners not wiggle their way out of the spot instead of blowing back in our face.  Love you Makita!

Clean as a whistle

Did You Know? As every old-timer can tell you, a good whistle made from a reed or a piece of wood emits a clear tone – but it is easily damaged. Even small particles of debris, or a few drops of moisture will change the sound of a handmade instrument. In order to emit the pure notes intended by its maker, a whistle has to be absolutely clean. Anything or anyone as clean as a brand-new whistle or as clear as its sound is bound to be good. All of which means that an organization or person called as ‘clean as a whistle’ has been judged to be guiltless or flawless.” 

Tomorrow I must attack the sunflower as it is towering over the walkway close to 15 feet in the air and it dying…we do NOT want it to collapse onto the walkway or us!  Vicky says she has pictures of our neighborhood squirrel hanging upside down on the flower eating the sunflower seeds!

The wall is six feet talk so we guess the height at fifteen feet

After a quick lunch, Paul headed for the garden to do away with five of the old tomato plants and they were a fight…their roots were well dug into the ground. Paul filled a 100 gallon barrel to the tippy-top with these plants!  As they were mostly green, the barrel was quite heavy!

Did You Know:  Tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous, and it was only in the 16th century when the popularity of tomatoes rose. In 1820, the state of New York even passed a law banning their consumption!

The truth was finally revealed on September 26, 1830, when Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson consumed an entire bag of tomatoes before a shocked crowd on the steps of the courthouse in Salem, New York. And … he did not die!

It got into the low 90’s so Paul decided, at 2:30 PM, it was time to come in and watch some  boob-tube…NCIS was quite relaxing…so much so that he took a short nap!

We got all cleaned up and headed to the GG Elks to dance to Street Corner Symphony.  Except for a couple of placers where they got loud, the music was pretty good. 

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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