Halloween Be Here And We Are Off To The Huntington

We stayed around the house today just doing odds and ends.  Being a home owner keeps us always busy!

We departed our house around 4:00 PM and made it to Altadena by 5:45 PM… Perfect timing for the evening.  Greg joined us this evening and we had a ball! He was dressed up as a walking tablecloth!

Greg came in costume this afternoon!

We spent several hours seeing the activities that the Huntington had in store for us.  Join the fun!

Halloween Eve 2017 at the Huntington

We went all over the grounds pushing the wheelchair. We went into the library proper, over to the main house patio for the magic show, through the grass to the bar, and then finally to the new lecture halls!  Sometimes the navigation was tricky as it was very dark and all but we did not bounce Sue out of the chair once!

We took a chance and “allowed” Greg to visit the dessert stand.  He placed and order… We cringed not knowing what he might say.  Click the picture to read the caption!

Greg makes an order (Click to read the caption)

The program at the Huntington was fairly diverse having magic shows, lectures, displays, and most importantly “free” wine!  Why do they offer free wine on Halloween?  Paul stuck to coffee and soda pop (but he has a sip of Sue’s just to make sure it was really OK).

Thanks to our excellent friend Greg, we arrange to have us in the front-row-center at the magic show.  We had the best seats in the entire house!  We determined that we have known Greg now since 2000… Seventeen great years!  No wonder he is like a brother… Just from another mother!

You do not want to know where those chickens came from… You really don’t!

We got text messages from the Duda’s and Chartier’s while we were walking around. See what they were up to.

First we go to Oceanside to visit the Chartier’s…

Peter awaits the neighborhood kids and he is protected by “Bark The Wonder Dog”!

Now to Corona to catch a glimpse of “The Green House” complete with spooky ghosts! Bob and Nick did a great job… Daughter Robin was on the east coast on business.

Nick and Bob were in charge of scaring the kids!

After a lecture on photographic research in books and a little respite in the atrium,  headed for home!

Warmed up and ready to go!

We got home about 10:00 PM and watched NCIS plus two episodes of “Friends” before crashing.  We didn’t see any “trick or treaters” as it must have been too late.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I am involved seriously with a long-time friend, Mary, and life goes on.
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