Another Doctor Day! Turned Out Fine!

We went to Dr. Vannatta and then to the hand therapy session.  The doctor decided to do some additional testing on Friday so we will see him again on Monday!

We went to hand therapy at 2:45 WITHOUT having lunch!  We then decided, as it was almost 4:00, that we needed food!

The closest place was Gourmet Pie Company and we liked it the last time we were there.  We arrived at 4:00 and poof, they did NOT serve breakfast after 3:00.  Our favorites were not available.

We had a glass of wine and Paul ate a happy hour hot dog as we felt guilty about occupying a booth and not ordering anything!

We then headed to Maderas Steakhouse!  We knew it had vegetarian meals!  Yes!  They have a full vegetarian menu and it is pretty good! Yeah Baby!

40 ounces of prime rib! Let me at it!

40 ounces of prime rib! Let me at it! We are awaiting for Brian and Jan to return to the USA so we can go back and order a Tomahawk!

Paul looked at Sue and saw the tomahawk… So, Paul ordered the bone-in pork chop!  It was wonderful!  He ate half of it and the rest went home.

OK, time to get serious!  We went to Old Ranch and joined the Olympic Drinking Team headed by “The Bunmeister”!

Bunny was there with some of “the gang” and she was on her third glass of water! We tease her about wine but she can nurse a glass of wine for hours and hours!


Captain, USA Drinking Team! (Not Really)

The back-up captain is Miss Charlotte who is out of work for the next couple of months!  No dancing… NO little kids… Only golf!  Yeah!


Olympic champagne splits!

Soon thereafter Dr. Dave, commonly knows as “Dave Oh”, joined us!  This made for a delightful group!


“Dr. Dave” or “Dave Oh” joins the fun!

We need two more people…. Volia, Shaun and Teri show up, as if on queue!  The team is ready to compete!


Shaun and Teri… Heavyweights add strength to the team!

Where is “the management”?  We be here!  Providing “Adult Supervision” of the Happy Hour Activities!


The Management Team at work!

We departed Old Ranch and ran by home to “freshen up” before going to the Phoenix Club to dance the night away!  Great fun all day!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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