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Celebration Time!

It is Friday morning, and we have a pretty full day, starting with Joe coming over with Bob to repair our solar system, which caused leaks in the roof last winter.  Then, at 8:30 am, we had to head for the hair parlor in Huntington Beach to get ready for the upcoming trip.

Three years have passed since we received the keys to the house that we have been lovingly transforming into Casa Valencia.  Take a look back on our website at that time.

On May 10th, 2021, the house became Casa Valencia.

We walked in the yard for a few minutes before getting ready to get our hair fixed.   I didn’t even know it was broken!  The sky was clear as a bell as we departed.  Joe had just shown up as he was going to save our butts and repair the roof leaks we had this past winter.

The leaks occurred UNDER the solar panels, meaning the installation had failed.  So, with the assistance of Bob, his high school classmate, they will remove the panels and reattach every joint using Henry mastic cement.

Once repaired, it will be good for twenty years!

It was a beautiful California Day.

The old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” does not work.  In fact, Mary goes out every morning and talks to the apples.  In another 30 days, we will be eating these beauties.

Did You Know?  Deciduous trees are plants that shed fruit or leaves when they reach maturity.  Half of all deciduous fruit trees used for fruit production are apple trees.  The countries that produce most of these trees are China, the United States, Poland, Italy, and Turkey.

There are four varieties of apples on this single tree.

They are butter-yellow!

We also have flowers in the yard, as evidenced by the Snapdragons.  International common names for snapdragons include “rabbit’s lips” in Asia, “dragon’s mouth in Spain, and “lion’s mouth” in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Today, they are working on the fourteen front panels.  Next week, they will work on the remaining forty panels on the back side of the roof.

When we returned, Bob and Joe had fourteen panels removed and replaced.  They removed the lag screws and filled the hole with Henry roof cement, and then coated the attachment with polyurethane.

Next week, they will start early as it got hot on the roof today!

We just stayed indoors and read while the guys worked.  Mary would not let me onto the roof or a ladder.  If I tried to go up and assist, Joe and Bob would not let me!

We are as happy as a goose (or geese)

We rested most of the afternoon because as one ages, one needs more sleep!  There are two of us, so we need twice as much.  At 6 pm, we jumped in the Silver Fox and headed to the gas station. The Fox was dead empty. I  punched the button on the dash and asked for “range to go.” It responded with, “Are you kidding? You better be prepared to push this sucker!”

We drove to Huntington Beach for the second time today. The first was to the hair parlor, and now we’re going to Vittorios for dinner with the Capps, Iris, and Will. The Ash’s came a little later.

The Piano Bar was open for business, with Ken James doing the honors!

Ken can play anything!

The music was quite danceable, So Iris, and I tripped the light fantastic.    For a woman who is 97 years old, she moved right along with the music.

You go, girl!

We had quite a dance, and she helped me back to the table!

We got a lot of applause from the other patrons!

Yesterday at the Elks Lodge, we talked about Carter’s Little Liver Pills. I ordered some from Amazon for Bill, who is currently in “liver training.”  Bill brought them this evening so everybody could see them.  He plans to share with others in “liver training.”

Bill carries them everywhere; you never can tell when they will be needed.

Mary was happy because they had veal piccata and steamed veggies. She shared them with me. I went for the spaghetti and meatballs only because I would bring some home to Luigi, our Italian son who used to be named Scout before he got turned on to Italian food.

Mary loves her veal.

Did You Know?    Veal is the meat of calves, in contrast to the beef from older cattle.    Veal can be produced from a calf of either sex and any breed; however, most veal comes from young male calves of dairy breeds which are not used for breeding.    Generally, veal is more expensive by weight than beef from older cattle.

Will and Mary are deep in discussion about who knows what!

They are probably continuing a conversation that started last Thursday at the Elks.

Linda and Mary are making plans for the upcoming Starlighters Dance, which has an English theme!    They also discussed the various kinds of Sweet Peas.

There are hundreds of varieties of Sweetpeas grown in the US.

Linda and Mary talk about the fragrance of sweet peas.

We left at about 9:00 p.m. and headed home via Aces Bar And Grill. We stopped there for a quick glass of vino before going home for the night.

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